IAR PowerPac for MSP430

IAR Systems recently launched PowerPac for MSP430. IAR PowerPac is a fully-featured real-time operating system (RTOS) combined with a high performance file system that is highly optimized for minimum memory consumption in both RAM and ROM. IAR PowerPac is tightly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench, and includes sample projects and board support packages for ultra-low power MSP430 microcontrollers. IAR PowerPac for MSP430 supports the MSP430F5xx generation of devices from Texas Instruments (TI). With a small (2kB) memory footprint and an affordable licensing model, the IAR PowerPac RTOS is particularly well-suited for the low-power microcontroller market.

IAR PowerPac features pre-emptive scheduling as well as round-robin scheduling, handling up to 255 priorities with an unlimited number of tasks, semaphores, mailboxes and software timers. The system provides full interrupt support, and zero interrupt latency time is a key benefit. Nested interrupts are permitted, and very fast context switch times can be achieved. IAR PowerPac for MSP430 File System is MS-DOS/Windows compatible, with FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 support as well as support for multiple device drivers and multiple media. The highly modular structure helps to minimise memory consumption.

With up to 25MHz peak performance, higher integration, and power consumption as low as 160 µA/MHz in active mode and 1.5 µA in standby, TI’s newest generation of 16-bit MSP430F5xx MCUs enable longer battery life and the ability to use smaller batteries for portable applications, or no batteries at all.

More info: IAR Systems