Freescale QorIQ Embedded Multicore Platforms

Freescale Semiconductor recently introduced the QorIQ multicore platforms. The QorIQ platforms are the next-generation evolution of Freescale’s PowerQUICC processor line and are designed to help developers migrate to multicore with confidence. QorIQ platforms include single, dual and many core processors — all based on Freescale’s e500 Power Architecture technology. The platforms start with the P1 and P2 levels, which consist of five package-, pin- and software-compatible processors designed to ease the transition from single- to dual-core processing. The P3 and P4 platforms enable developers to move into the ‘many core’ arena and address more advanced processing needs. The P5 platform is designed to deliver Freescale’s highest-performing solutions well within embedded power budgets. All of the QorIQ platforms are equipped with extensive programming support to help developers get the most out of their multicore implementations.

Freescale’s QorIQ platforms are unified in their use of high-performance e500 Power Architecture cores. These cores offer frequencies ranging from 400 MHz to 1.5 GHz. Products at the high end of the QorIQ portfolio also feature breakthrough embedded processing innovations that boost performance, including private backside cache per core, datapath acceleration architecture (DPAA) and CoreNet[tm] coherency fabric.

QorIQ platforms start at 45-nm geometries and offer a roadmap to 32-nm and beyond. Products based on QorIQ technology are designed to consume significantly less power than other embedded multicore architectures. QorIQ products offered at the 45-nm node include solutions ranging from highly integrated products at 4W to ‘many core’ devices under 30W. The QorIQ P3 and P4 platforms allow system developers to strictly manage device frequency and voltage.

By consolidating on an e500 Power Architecture core-based architecture, QorIQ platforms offer customers an easy migration path to multicore processing, from single- to dual- to eight-core devices. The platforms continue to leverage the broad Power Architecture ecosystem, and Freescale has worked closely with its partners to specifically address common multicore development challenges.

In the high-level QorIQ platforms, on-chip features designed to simplify development include embedded hypervisor technology, code performance monitors, and extensive debug visibility and access. Freescale has also collaborated with virtualized software development firm Virtutech to create a hybrid simulation environment offering a controlled, deterministic and fully reversible environment for the development, debugging and benchmarking of software in embedded multicore environments.

QorIQ Platforms

  • The QorIQ P1 platform series
    Consists of dual- and single-core products offering a migration path to dual-core processing and improved performance for PowerQUICC II Pro processor customers. The QorIQ P1 platform series provides solutions ranging from 400 MHz to 800 MHz and featuring dense integration, advanced security enhancements and a rich set of interfaces. The initial products based on the platform series are the P1020, P1011 and P1010 communications processors. The P1 platform series is well-suited for multiservice gateways, Ethernet switch controllers, wireless LAN access points, and high-performance general-purpose control processor applications with tight power and thermal constraints.
  • The QorIQ P2 platform series
    Includes dual- and single-core devices with frequencies up to 1.2 GHz. Pin-compatible with QorIQ P1 platform products, QorIQ P2 platform series processors offer a migration path for PowerQUICC II Pro and PowerQUICC III processor customers. Devices based on the platform are well-suited for networking and telecom line and channel card applications with tight power and thermal constraints. The initial products based on the P2 platform series are the QorIQ P2020 and P2010 communications processors.
  • The QorIQ P3 platform series
    Designed to facilitate migration to ‘many core’ processing. The series features high performance and multiple Power Architecture cores, CoreNet fabric and datapath acceleration technology. Freescale plans to announce products at this platform level soon.
  • The QorIQ P4 platform series
    Includes the flagship QorIQ P4080 communications processor. QorIQ P4 platform series processors feature innovative CoreNet[tm] fabric interconnect technology, a ground-breaking embedded three-tiered cache hierarchy and up to eight 1.5GHz e500mc cores optimized for embedded multicore environments – all delivered within a 30W maximum power envelope. The series is ideal for applications such as enterprise and service provider routers, switches, base station controllers, radio network controllers (RNCs), access and media gateways and general-purpose embedded computing systems in the networking, telecom, industrial, military and aerospace markets.
  • The QorIQ P5 platform series
    Built on dual- and single- Power Architecture cores, is designed as Freescale’s highest-performing embedded processor within the 30W power envelope. Freescale plans to announce products at this platform level soon.

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