IAR Embedded Workbench for Freescale S08 Microcontrollers

IAR Systems recently launched IAR Embedded Workbench for Freescale S08. The tool provides comprehensive support for Freescale’s Controller Continuum architecture by supporting the stepwise compatibility and easy migration from 8-bit S08 microcontrollers (MCUs) to 32-bit ColdFire devices. The Freescale S08 core software is optimized for high performance and extreme operating economy, offering a number of low-power options that make it particularly attractive for battery-powered and handheld applications. IAR Embedded Workbench currently supports S08 and V1, V2 and V3 ColdFire MCUs.

IAR Embedded Workbench is a set of highly sophisticated and easy-to-use development tools for embedded applications. Each core product provides seamless integration with other tools in the complete IAR Systems tool chain. IAR Embedded Workbench is a fully integrated development environment for building and debugging embedded applications, featuring automatic checking of MISRA C rules for security-critical applications. It builds the most compact and efficient code for the application, therefore saving chip memory and minimizing product cost, allowing more space for further product improvement and maintenance, and facilitating a longer product lifecycle. IAR Embedded Workbench also provides a flying start with ready-made device configuration files and example projects. The same user interface is employed across all supported MCU architectures, allowing the benefit of high code portability.

The open architecture of IAR Embedded Workbench allows for the simple utilization of plug-ins from any third-party vendor, giving the benefit of flexibility in the choice of the most suitable hardware and RTOS.

From the ultra-low-end RS08 to the highest-performance V4 ColdFire MCU devices, the Controller Continuum provides stepwise compatibility for an easy migration path up or down the performance spectrum. Stepwise compatibility means developers can move from one device on the continuum to the next compatible device, from the low end to the high end. Developers can choose to enter the Controller Continuum at the ultra-low-end RS08 MCU family, the more sophisticated S08 devices, V1 ColdFire MCUs or top-of-the-line ColdFire embedded processors. Each step has family members that share packaging, peripherals or pin-outs with the next step up or down the Controller Continuum. The 8-bit to 32-bit compatibility connection point at the center of the Controller Continuum is Freescale’s Flexis series of MCUs.

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