News 2008.08.26 Late Edition

Measurement Computing Debuts PCIe-DIO24, PCIe-DIO96H Digital I/O Boards
Measurement Computing has expanded their digital I/O offerings with the release of PCI Express® versions of its two most popular PCI boards. The PCI Express based products offer enhanced functionality while maintaining software and connector compatibility, allowing for seamless migration of existing applications to next generation computer platforms.

Agilent, NVIDIA Accelerate Signal Integrity Simulations with CUDA GPU
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) announced its work with NVIDIA to accelerate signal integrity simulations using NVIDIA’s Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)-based Graphics Processing Units (GPU). The association is expected to yield the commercial release of a GPU-enabled Advanced Design System (ADS) Transient Convolution Simulator that will allow signal integrity designers to run these simulations dramatically faster than was previously possible.

Airbiquity Unveils aqLink Data over Voice In-band Modem for PNDs
Airbiquity announced its new connected services platform for Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), designed to make it easier and more cost effective for PND manufacturers to create and deliver innovative end-to-end connected services to their customers. Airbiquity’s aqLink[TM] data-over-voice in-band modem is a software-only solution that gives PND manufacturers the ability to seamlessly enable connectivity on their devices without additional hardware or a secondary data subscription plan.

ASSET Becomes Founding Members of iNEMI Boundary Scan Adoption Project
ASSET® InterTech, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, recently became a founding member of the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative’s (iNEMI) boundary scan adoption project. iNEMI, which is an electronics industry consortium of over 70 manufacturers, suppliers and related organizations, has undertaken an effort to encourage greater adoption of the IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan standard (commonly known as JTAG, after the Joint Test Action Group which defined the original specification).

ARBOR Tech Rolls Out T0660 Fanless Touch Panel PC for HMI
ARBOR Tech. has launched T0660, Slim and efficient fanless touch panel PC, supporting low power AMD LX900 CPU and onboard 1GB system memory. T0660 is a fanless touch panel PC which features low power consumption and strong functionalities. In addition to the HMI market, T0660 targets POS, POI and different automation applications. T0660′s onboard Ethernet controller, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 3 serial ports, CompactFlash socket, CAN bus, and PC/104 make it offer great expansion capabilities.

ARBOR Tech Launches Gladius G0710 Full-featured Tablet PC
ARBOR Tech., a leading provider of embedded and networking computing, is proud to launch the high-performance, full-featured tablet PC, Gladius G0710. G0710′s construction passes IP-54 certification and meets the Military Standard 810F tests for Vibration, Crash Shock and Transit Drop. Intel ATOM computing core combined with Poulsbo chipset provides better computing performance with lesser power consumption, which reduces heat considerably and enjoy longer battery life.