News 2008.08.21

AMD Supports Universal Graphics Module Standard
Kontron has announced that AMD will support the Universal Graphics Module standard (UGM). AMD’s support for the UGM standard will accelerate its rapid and wide-spread acceptance. The UGM standard provides off-the-shelf embedded graphics on an industry-standard modular platform with multiple display configurations to guarantee customers the shortest time-to-market. AMD’s support of the UGM Consortium will thus accelerate the adoption of AMD’s ATI advanced graphics technologies in the embedded market.

Accellera Board Approves Verilog-Analog, Mixed-Signal Standard v2.3
Accellera announced that its Board of Directors and Technical Committee members – systems, semiconductor and design tool companies – approved a new version of its Verilog-Analog Mixed-Signal (AMS) standard, Verilog-AMS 2.3, as an Accellera standard for analog and mixed-signal design and simulation. The new Verilog-AMS standard unifies the Verilog-AMS 2.2 specification with the IEEE Std. 1364[tm]-2005 or Verilog hardware description language (HDL) standard.

NI Rolls Out PXI-8108PXI Embedded Controller, PXI System Accessories
National Instruments announced the NI PXI-8108, the industry’s fastest PXI embedded controller, and two new PXI system accessories, a 32 GB solid-state hard drive and the NI PXI-8250 system monitoring module. These new products provide increased system performance and reliability to help engineers and scientists achieve faster process execution, lower test times and longer system life.

Optima Announces Modular Outdoor Cabinet Enclosures
Optima EPS announced a new platform for outdoor enclosures that is highly versatile. The Optima outdoor enclosure line features a modular extrusion-based platform. This allows a wide range of cabinet enclosure height, depths, and widths to be used. Standard sizes range includes 19″, 23″, 24″ widths; 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ depths; and 12U-44U heights. Custom sizes can be quickly developed with Optima’s modular construction, saving the customer time, effort, and money. Many outdoor applications require weatherproofing.

Actel Receives SAE AS9100 Aerospace Certification
Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) announced it has become the first field-programmable gate array (FPGA) vendor to achieve SAE/AS9100 certification. Increasingly required by aerospace suppliers world-wide, Actel received the stringent AS9100 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS), which certifies that the company’s processes related to design and manufacture of its low-power, programmable logic solutions have met or exceeded the required standard.

Gleichmann Electronics Announces NEC CMOS 4 x 2 Matrix HF Switches
The three CMOS 4 x 2 matrix HF switches from NEC Electronics are comparable in performance to GaAs switches, although lower in cost and – especially in multi-switch circuits – more space-saving. All three devices can be used in a frequency range from 250 to 2150 MHz. The isolation parameters range from 35 dBm (0.25 to 0.95 GHz) for the devices µPD5715GR and µPD5716GR to 42 dBm (0.25 to 2.15 GHz) for the device µPD5720K. Insertion loss – depending on device type – is specified at 6.7 dBm or 6.9 dBm.