Freescale MPC563xM Automotive Microcontrollers

Freescale Semiconductor recently introduced the MPC563xM family of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) with integrated emissions control technology. Like other Freescale powertrain microcontrollers, these MCUs are engineered to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and enable cost-effective, yet sophisticated engine control designs for emerging markets. Samples of MPC563xM products are planned to be available to lead automotive customers throughout 2008.

The MPC563xM family includes three 32-bit powertrain MCUs designed to help improve the efficiency and performance of small engines scaling from one to four cylinders. Built on Power Architecture[tm] technology, the MPC563xM devices not only offer enhanced powertrain functionality, such as on-chip emissions control, but they also address the cost constraints of engine and transmission suppliers. The cost-effective devices are Freescale’s first automotive MCUs manufactured on 90-nanometer technology. They also are Freescale’s first automotive products resulting from a joint development program with STMicroelectronics initiated in January 2006.

Freescale’s MPC563xM powertrain MCUs feature sophisticated emissions control technology that takes advantage of a powerful digital signal processing (DSP) engine built into the Power Architecture e200 core. This integrated DSP capability enables engine designers to maximize fuel economy and performance while minimizing engine “knocking,” resulting in a three to five percent reduction in CO2 emissions. Based on single-input/multiple-data (SIMD) processing techniques, the DSP functionality also can be used for patented sensor diagnostics schemes that address on-board automotive diagnostics.

The MPC563xM family’s cost-effective pricing helps make advanced emissions control technology more affordable. Cost-sensitive engine designs of up to four cylinders are prevalent in emerging automotive markets such as China and India, where government regulations are moving in a direction of requiring automakers to manufacture more efficient engines that emit fewer harmful emissions.

For automotive developers currently using 16-bit MCU solutions for powertrain control, the MPC563xM family provides a cost-effective 32-bit solution that extends processing performance beyond 16-bit capabilities. Offering up to 1.5 MB of flash memory, 81 KB of SRAM, and a Power Architecture core that scales up to 80 MHz, the MPC563xM offers exceptional price and performance for powertrain management applications.

The MPC563xM is Freescale’s first powertrain device family with a quad flat package (QFP) option, offering simplified and lower cost development. A QFP has visible pins, making the package easy and affordable to install, inspect and repair, without requiring costly infrared and X-ray inspection technology. In addition, the MPC563xM devices are software compatible with Freescale’s existing MPC55xx family, which enables code sharing that can help reduce automakers’ development costs.

MPC563xM Features

  • Power Architecture e200z3 core with 40 MHz, 60 MHz and 80 MHz options
  • SIMD module for DSP and floating point operations
  • Variable length encoding (VLE) capability to help reduce code footprint by up to 30 percent for improved code density and reduced memory requirements
  • 768 KB, 1 MB and 1.5 MB flash memory options with ECC
  • 81 KB SRAM
  • 32-channel eTPU2 to handle complex timer applications and offload the CPU
  • Hardware decimator – used to minimize DSP calculations and reduce CPU load by up to five percent by leveraging the DMA as an anti-knock filter
  • 2 x FlexCAN – compatible with TouCAN, 64 + 32 buffers
  • 2 x eSCI
  • 2 x DSPI (16 bits wide) up to six chip selects each, with continuous mode and DMA support
  • 34-channel dual analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Junction temperature sensor
  • 32-channel DMA controller
  • 196 source interrupt controller
  • Nexus IEEE-ISTO 5001-2003 Class 2+ (eTPU2 Class 1)
  • Single 5V power supply
  • 100 LQFP, 144 LQFP, 176 LQFP, 208 MAPBGA and VertiCal Calibration System package options available depending on flash memory

The MPC563xM product family was developed collaboratively by Freescale and STMicroelectronics. As a result, an architecturally identical dual-sourced product is also available from STMicroelectronics. This unprecedented dual source arrangement is designed to help automotive customers mitigate risk in their supply chain.

More info: Freescale Semiconductor