News 2008.08.12 Late Edition

Arrow Electronics Holds Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Workshops
Full-day, hands-on workshops to help engineers create differentiated devices for a broad range of applications, including commercial and consumer electronic products, are being hosted by Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW), with the first being held in Los Angeles today. The workshops will be held in 11 cities and feature how to build Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 applications and images running on ARM platforms, as well as how to bring those new devices to market quickly.

Kozio kDiagnostics, kPOST Support Freescale MPC55xx Embedded PowerPC
Kozio®, Inc. announced support of kDiagnostics embedded test application and kPOST power-on self-test embedded application for the Freescale MPC55xx 32-bit PowerPC controllers for advanced automotive and industrial systems. The kDiagnostics® embedded test application, ValidationAssistant[tm], SequenceRunner[tm], and SequenceReporter[tm] are part of a total solution for automated functional test for board designs based on the MPC55xx microcontroller, which consistently prove out new PowerPC board designs in minutes.

MathWorks Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder Receives Certification
The MathWorks announced that its Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder product for MathWorks Release 2008a was certified by TÜV SÜD Automotive GmbH. According to the certificate report from TÜV, “The MathWorks development organization responsible for developing the Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder has been audited to assess its development and quality assurance procedures.”

ASSET ScanWorks Supports Maxim System, Power Management Devices
ASSET® InterTech, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, has announced that its ScanWorks® platform supports unique margining and forensics capabilities through several of Maxim Integrated Products’ system monitor and system manager devices. ScanWorks can be used with Maxim’s MAX16031/MAX16032 system monitors and MAX16046-MAX16049 system managers through the devices’ IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan interface, commonly known as JTAG.

Digi Announces Networking Solutions for Hazardous Environments
Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) introduced a line of wired and wireless device networking solutions designed for reliable operation in hazardous environments. The product line includes the Digi Connect® WAN IA cellular router, XTend[tm] radio frequency (RF) modem, PortServer® TS Haz serial server and Digi One® IAP Haz serial server. The products are designed to network enable devices in manufacturing and industrial environments where exposure to volatile liquids and gases and severe temperature ranges is common.

BeSang, NNFC, Stanford University NanoFab Develop 3D IC Technology
In collaboration with the National NanoFab Center (NNFC) in Daejeon, Korea and Stanford NanoFab (SNF) in Palo Alto, CA, BeSang Inc., a semiconductor company based in Beaverton, OR, has successfully developed a breakthrough three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (IC) technology, enabling low-cost memories and high-performance logic products with large embedded memory blocks.

Impulse to Demonstrate C-to-FPGA Solutions at Intel Developer Forum
Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc. announced its participation at the Intel Developer Forum being held August 19 through 21 in San Francisco. Impulse will demonstrate C-to-FPGA programming solutions for high performance computing platforms combining Intel’s high-performance processors with application-optimized, software programmable FPGA coprocessors.

Crocus Qualifies Prototyping Environment for MRAM Technology
Crocus Technologies, a premier developer of Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM), announced that it has qualified its complete manufacturing environment for the development and rapid prototyping of MRAM. Building upon conventional 130nm CMOS sourced at a leading foundry, Crocus is leveraging Silicon Valley-based SVTC’s capabilities to complete the integration of its second-generation MRAM technology.