Embedded Planet EP8548A and EP8641A SCOPE Compliant Boards

Embedded Planet recently announced the EP8548A and EP8641A SCOPE-compliant boards. The EP8548A and EP8641A are ideal for a broad range of demanding applications, including wireless base stations, media gateways, enterprise network access systems, test and measurement systems, and server blades. The EP8548A and EP8641A help meet the important goal of accelerating the deployment of carrier grade base platforms for service provider applications. The SCOPE-compliant EP8548A and EP8641A are available immediately from Embedded Planet.

The EP8548A is powered by a Freescale MPC8548 PowerQUICC III processor and the EP8641A by a Freescale MPC8641D dual-core PowerPC processor. Both SCOPE-compliant boards include Linux, Wind River VxWorks and Green Hills INTEGRITY operating support. These highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) platforms include PowerPC cores, an integrated security engine, integrated PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, and Gigabit Ethernet controllers, and an integrated DDR2 memory interface, improving performance, simplifying board design, lowering power consumption, and reducing cost.

In addition to their AMC configuration, both boards can operate as stand-alone modules and boot from on board flash allowing for rapid application development outside of the integrated ATCA or MicroTCA environment.

For fabric connectivity the both the EP8548A and the EP8641A offer extreme flexibility, while maintaining standards compliance. All versions of the boards support gigabit Ethernet on AMC channels 0 an 1, compliant with AMC.2, Type E2). Separate versions of the board are available in one of the following configurations: Serial RapidIO on AMC channels 4-7, PCI Express on AMC channels 4-11, or SCOPE-Compliant PCI Express on channels 4-7 and Serial RapidIO on channels 8-11.

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