News 2008.08.11 Late Edition

Apple Selects TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice Engine Mobile for iPhone 3G
SPIRIT DSP announced that its TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice Engine Mobile enables high quality wideband VoIP applications on Apple’s iPhone 3G. VoIP has already significantly reduced the costs associated with traditional telephony. Now the voice quality becomes a major differentiator both for end-users and as a consequence for service providers. This offers VoIP applications developers a strong incentive to go wideband and iPhone 3G enhanced data transfer capabilities lay a solid foundation for the wideband VoIP quality.

Khronos Announces OpenGL 3.0 Standard for 3D Graphics Acceleration
The Khronos[tm] Group announced has released the OpenGL® 3.0 specification with strong industry support to bring significant new functionality to the open, cross-platform standard for 3D graphics acceleration. OpenGL 3.0 includes GLSL[tm] 1.30, a new version of the OpenGL shading language, and provides comprehensive access to the functionality of the latest generations of programmable graphics hardware.

Portable Design Conference Reveals Speakers
The second annual Portable Design Conference & Exhibition (PDCE ’08) returns to Silicon Valley on September 18, bringing together leading experts to address the most pressing design issues in the electronics industry’s hottest segment. Hosted by Portable Design magazine, PDCE ’08 — a complimentary event at the Wyndham San Jose — will bring to its audience unique technical insights into Portable Power, Mobile Wireless and Consumer Electronics.

Korenix Rolls Out Encrypted Auto-run Update, ModBus Gateway on SD Card
The Auto-Run function allow users to configure own Linux command once the system is booted. Users only need to store the commands on a file called “Auto-Run”, and store it in SD card. The Auto-run Update function provides the flexibility to let users update the file through TFTP server under the CLI of the JetBox 9300/9310 industrial embedded computer. Users telnet the JetBox 9300/9310 LAN IP address to enter the CLI, specify the TFTP server and swap the original file in the SD card of the JetBox9300/9310 with the new one in the TFTP server.

Saelig Announces DeviceExaminer for Verifying USB 2.0 Conformance
DeviceExaminer is a new software package provided free with USB Explorer EX260 Generator – the industry-standard USB Explorer260 line of protocol tools. This new software verifies that a USB device under test complies with USB2.0 Specification Chapter 9, and – where applicable – Hub, HID, and Mass Storage standard classes. Used with the USB Explorer260 Generator, DeviceExaminer automatically discovers a USB device under test connected to the generator and displays its relevant information.