News 2008.08.06

VDC Reports Multi-core, Multiprocessing Not Critical for Embedded OS
Venture Development Corporation (VDC) indicates that many embedded developers still do not yet consider multiprocessing and multi-core architecture support a critical factor influencing their selection of embedded operating systems for current projects. Moreover, these criteria remained of relatively low importance even to those developers who indicated that they were using a multi-core or multi-core and multiprocessor design for their current project.

NI Annonces sbRIO-96xx Single-Board RIO Devices for Embedded System
National Instruments announced new NI Single-Board RIO devices that offer engineers and scientists a low-cost, integrated hardware option for deploying embedded control and data acquisition applications. The eight new sbRIO-96xx devices combine an embedded real-time processor, reconfigurable field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and analog and digital I/O on a single printed circuit board (PCB), making them ideal for applications that require flexibility, high performance and reliability in a small form factor.

Concurrent Technologies Rolls Out TP MS1/xxx Mass Storage Modules
Concurrent Technologies announces a 3U CompactPCI® mass storage module and optional expansion board, which together can support up to four 2.5″ Serial ATA300 (SATA-II) mass storage drives plus a CompactFlash[tm] site. The TP MS1/x11 SATA300 Controller board accommodates two drives plus a CompactFlash site. Expansion to three or four SATA300 drives is achieved by the addition of the TP MS1/100 Expansion board.

VMETRO Debuts Quad Serial Front Panel Data Port Data Recording System
VMETRO announced the availability of a 6U VME-based quad channel Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) data recorder and playback system that sustains 800MB/s data recording rates. Based on VMETRO’s Vortex VXS/VME data recorder, the quad sFPDP data recorder architecture is scalable to enable increased throughput performance by duplicating the configuration within the same chassis.

In-Stat Publishes Worldwide MPEG Video IC Market Report
MPEG video ICs are used in many consumer electronics and video delivery systems around the world, and as those markets have grown, so has the need for MPEG video ICs, reports In-Stat. The first MPEG video ICs were designed for tethered devices that were powered via a wall outlet, the high-tech market research firm says.

ATS Offers Thermal Management Analysis, Design Services, Webinar
Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) offers comprehensive thermal management analysis and design services tailored to help bring telecommunications, networking, embedded computing and other high performance electronic products to market faster, ensure their reliability and reduce development costs. ATS will be holding a special webinar, Ensuring Reliability, Speeding Time-to-Market and Reducing Costs with Thermal Management Analysis and Design Services.

Aewin GA-2000/3000 Board Features Ramtron FM22L16 4Mb F-RAM Memory
Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR) has announced that Aewin Technologies Co., Ltd., Taiwan’s leading applied industrial computing platform manufacturer, has designed Ramtron’s FM22L16 4-megabit (Mb) nonvolatile F-RAM memory into its Intel-based GA-2000 and AMD-based GA-3000 gaming and high-definition multimedia PC boards. The 4Mb F-RAM has replaced battery-backed SRAM (BBSRAM) in Aewin’s gaming solution.