Carbon Enhances Model Studio

Carbon Design Systems has enhanced its Carbon Model Studio to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy new system models. Additional capabilities were added to Carbon Model Studio to reduce the debug time and improve the generation of Model Validation components. Carbon Model Studio is shipping now and is available for Solaris and PC platforms running Linux and Windows. Pricing for the complete model-generation and execution solution is “use-model” dependent and starts at $20,000.

A key debug improvement provides increased visibility into complex design constructs. Carbon Model Studio offers full visibility into named and unnamed generate blocks, VHDL composite types and multi-dimensional arrays, including nested arrays and composites. In addition, Carbon Models have new application programming interface (API) calls for accessing design constructs.

With improved model validation, design teams can control the model validation generation process from inside Carbon Model Studio through a new component editor. The Model Validation component’s mixed-language shadow hierarchy matches that of the original design for tighter integration into complex testbenches, assertion languages and custom validation environments.

More info: Carbon Design Systems