Cypress CY8C23x33 PSoC Mixed Signal Array

The CY8C23x33, from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY), is a PSoC mixed-signal array with an enhanced analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for fast analog sampling and expanded 8 Kbytes of Flash memory capacity for complex algorithm processing. The CY8C23x33 is ideal for applications with rich feature and software content, ranging from motor control, to camera image engines, to powerline communications and more. The CY8C23x33 PSoC devices are now in full production. The CY8C23533 is available in a 32-pin 5×5 mm QFN package and the CY8C23433 is available in a 28-pin SSOP package.

Cypress CY8C23533 PSoC mixed-signal arrayThe PSoC mixed-signal architecture integrates programmable analog and digital blocks with an 8-bit microcontroller, a unique combination that offers designers unmatched flexibility for a variety of applications. The new CY8C23x33 device features an 8-bit successive-approximation (SAR) ADC to allow a high sampling rate of 375 Ksps. It offers 26 GPIOs to deliver a premium level of configurability to quickly adapt to changes in feature requirements. The device is available in a 5×5 mm QFN package to minimize board space.

The CY8C23x33 PSoC devices feature four digital blocks, including two basic and two communication blocks, and four analog blocks, including two continuous time and two switched capacitor blocks. One of the device’s digital blocks is a dedicated hardware I2C block that enables fast and easy programmability to reduce design time.

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