TRS CXC-MPC8544 Computer on Module

The TRS CXC-MPC8544 computer-on-module (COM), from TRS-STAR, is based on Freescale Semiconductor’s energy-saving Power Architecture. The TRS CXC-MPC8544 features high communication performance and a wide range of modern interfaces. Key advantages are the two internal 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet channels, by means of which fast LAN connections can be immediately established. The compact module essentially complies with features of the PICMG defined COM Express signal specification. Thanks to its low power dissipation of less than 10 watts, the powerful board does not require any active cooling when used in the specified operating temperature range of 0°C to 60°C.

TRS CXC-MPC8544 computer-on-module (COM)The TRS CXC-MPC8544 is built with an energy-saving MPC8544 PowerQUICC III processor, which operates with clock speeds from 667 MHz up to 1.067 GHz. Up to 1 Gbyte DDR2 RAM are available via a standard 200-pin SODIMM socket. Furthermore, a 64 Mbytes NOR Flash (optional 128 Mbytes or 256 Mbytes) – in which the boot loader is stored – is available.

The fanless, 95 mm x 95 mm small TRS CXC-MPC8544 is designed specifically for network applications, e.g. application secure gateways, firewalls, storage array networks and protocol converters as well as for use in industrial controls and medical devices. TRS-STAR board support packages (BSPs) for VxWorks, QNX and Linux operating systems are offered for evaluation and design-in of the powerful module. The module can be mounted on Freescale’s base board.

Customer specific enhancements of the module can be implemented simply via the x4 and x1 PCI Express interfaces, PCI (32-bit @ 33 MHz) and the two I2C bus interfaces. The extensive offering is supplemented with five USB 2.0 ports, GPIOs, two UARTs and graphical interfaces. Additionally, the Freescale Local Bus – to which numerous external devices such as memory, DSPs and ASICs can be connected – is implemented on the COM. For data storage, the connection of SATA drives as well as a floppy via USB is possible.

For applications requiring extensive graphics features, the TRS CXC-MPC8544 module can be equipped additionally with Fujitsu’s MB86276 ‘Lime’ graphics controller. The video memory features a maximum capacity of 64 MB and the SVGA resolution ranges from 320 x 240 pixels to 1280 x 768 pixels. 18/24-bit LVDS is supported via the LCD interface.

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