News 2008.08.04 Late Edition

National Instruments Rolls Out LabVIEW 8.6
National Instruments announced LabVIEW 8.6, the latest version of the graphical system design software platform for control, test and embedded system development. Building on the inherent parallel nature of graphical programming, LabVIEW 8.6 delivers new tools to help engineers and scientists take advantage of the benefits of multicore processors, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and wireless communication.

Semiconductor Chip Sales Grow by 5.4% to $127.5 Billion in First Half
Global sales of semiconductors for the first half of 2008 grew to $127.5 billion, an increase of 5.4 percent over the first half of 2007 when sales were $121 billion, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reported today. June sales of $21.6 billion were up by 8 percent from the $20 billion reported for June 2007. June sales increased by 0.5 percent from May, when sales were $21.5 billion. Second-quarter sales of $64.7 billion increased by 3 percent over first-quarter sales of $62.8 billion.

Moblin, LiMo, Maemo to Power Mobile Internet Devices
The Mobile Internet Devices (MID) market is likely to be the first real example of a greenfield situation in which all mobile operating systems start on the same equal footing, without the baggage of previous histories such as existed in the smartphone market. The Linux OS, in the form of Moblin, LiMo and Maemo, looks ready to take the lion’s share of the MID market and is set to capture unit volumes of 50 millions units per annum in 2013.

Agility Announces Imaging Algorithm Implementation Service
Agility Design Solutions Inc., a leading provider of embedded system solutions enabling rapid implementation of complex image and signal processing algorithms, announced a new imaging algorithm implementation service. The service offering takes advantage of Agility tools and expert users to deliver a working algorithm implementation in less than half the time of conventional implementation approaches.

VirtualLogix Becomes Member of Limo Foundation
VirtualLogix[tm], Inc. announced that it has joined the LiMo Foundation, a consortium dedicated to creating the first truly open, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system (OS) for mobile devices. As a leader in embedded virtualization for next-generation mobile handsets, VirtualLogix joins LiMo to extend the discussion and application of virtualization in the mobile handset space in order to make devices more efficient, secure, powerful and cost-effective.

AMD Reduces Power in Processor Designs with Calypto PowerPro CG
Calypto[TM] Design Systems Inc. said that AMD (NYSE: AMD) has selected PowerPro CG (for clock gating) to help optimize power consumption in its next generation of AMD visual media processors. AMD chose PowerPro CG because of its unique ability to reduce power under peak operating conditions, thus helping to improve the performance-per-watt in its high-performance, energy-efficient and visually realistic solutions.

Altera, IEEE Canada, Impulse Accelerated Reveal Competition Winner
Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR), IEEE Canada, and Impulse Accelerated Technologies announced the winners of the 2008 Innovate Canada Program. This industry-sponsored program encourages risk-taking and innovation at the university level in the area of hardware/software co-design. The design competition provided Altera® Cyclone® II FPGA-based development kits, Impulse C-to-FPGA development tools and engineering support from both companies.