ITTIA DB-SQL v2.5 Database for Embedded Systems

ITTIA DB-SQL v2.5 is a lightweight database management system for embedded systems and mobile devices. New features in version 2.5 include a lightweight SQL engine, support for the VxWorks operating system, and language bindings for Java and C#. Support for C# and other .NET languages has also been added using the P/Invoke interface. The same ITTIA DB-SQL API is used in .NET as in Java, with minor changes to accommodate the .NET type system and syntax. With this release, more mobile and embedded products will benefit from the robust data management facilities of ITTIA DB-SQL to improve stability and scalability without increasing the cost of hardware.

ITTIA DB now includes a lightweight SQL engine that developers will find familiar and easy to learn. SQL queries are executed dynamically at run-time, providing great flexibility to developers. ITTIA DB-SQL implements a rich selection of SQL features, including alter table statements, conditional expressions, sequence generators, table set operations (union, except, and intersect), and complex table joins. Any combination of inner, outer, and full outer joins is possible, and multiple syntaxes are supported, including the USING keyword that is utilized by certain enterprise databases. ITTIA DB brings the power of SQL to mobile devices and embedded systems.

A new API for ITTIA DB provides Java applications direct access to ITTIA DB database files through the standard JNI interface. Java applications can execute SQL queries, or access tables directly with indexed search. The ITTIA DB-SQL Java API is fully integrated with the Java type system, making it easy to share database files between Java applications and C/C++ software. Unicode strings are converted to the correct format automatically and binary large object (BLOB) fields enable storage of arbitrarily-large byte arrays.

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