Avago ASMT-FJ30 Autofocus LED for Digital Cameras

Avago’s ASMT-FJ30 is a miniature autofocus light emitting diode (LED) for use in ultra-slim digital still camera and cell phone designs. With a footprint that can fit on the head of a pencil eraser, Avago’s ASMT-FJ30 is the thinnest autofocus LED in the industry and can play a key role in helping digital still camera and camera phone designers to further reduce the overall thickness of those applications. The ASMT-FJ30 is ideal for use as an auxiliary autofocus flash in camera applications that require long distance illumination and a narrow radiation pattern. Avago’s ASMT-FJ30 SMT LEDs are priced at $0.55 in 10,000-piece quantities. They are supplied in 16 mm tape on 380mm (15-inch) diameter reels for compatibility with automated manufacturing.


  • Smooth, consistent narrow radiation pattern
  • 18-degree viewing angle
  • Package dimensions: 3.2 mm (L) by 2.4 mm (W) by 2.4mm (H)
  • High intensity light output
  • Clear, non-diffused epoxy
  • Compatible with 2x solder reflow process
  • Meets IEC/EN 60825-1 Eye Safety Class 1 requirement
  • RoHS compliant

Avago’s Orange ASMT-FJ30 flash LED is an easy to install miniature surface mount technology (SMT) dome LED lamp, which incorporates an untinted, non-diffused lens that provides light output within a narrow 18-degree radiation pattern to assist the autofocus function in digital still cameras in low-light or dark environments. The LED also provides greater functionality per square inch of printed circuit board (PCB) space while achieving superior performance in terms of brightness and power consumption. As a result, design engineers can pack more functionality, features and performance in less space to make these devices smaller and enhance the end user’s overall experience.

The ASMT-FJ30 package provides convenience in the assembly process and is available in 1,500 unit tape and reels to facilitate pick and place operations. As a result, design engineers can expect shorter time to market and overall cost savings.

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