News – 2008.07.28

Digi-Key Announces USB-powered Beagle Board for $149
Open platform innovators will now have the expandability of desktop machines without the expense, bulk or noise as Digi-Key Corporation announces it is shipping the $149 Beagle Board, which is a powerful, low-cost and fanless embedded development board smaller than a drink coaster.

AMETEK Acquires Programmable Power Business from Xantrex
AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) announced it has agreed to acquire the programmable power business of Xantrex Technology, Inc. (TSX: XTX) for $120 million in cash. Based in San Diego, Xantrex’s Programmable Power Division is a leader in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) programmable power supplies used to test electrical and electronic products.

Renesas Optimizes SH77650 SoC Device for In-Vehicle Image Recognition
Renesas Technology America, Inc. announced the SH77650, a single-chip SoC product optimized for image-recognition processing functions. The new device enables the production of more affordable vehicle information terminals, particularly the next-generation car navigation systems and peripheral devices that can help increase driving safety. In addition to automotive applications, the SH77650 is also suitable for security equipment for business and industrial applications.

AVIX-RT Rolls Out AVIX Viewer Plugin
AVIX-RT, a manufacturer of embedded software solutions, anounces the availability of an MPLAB RTOS Viewer Plugin, enabling direct insight in the internals of an application based on the AVIX RTOS. Compatible with all versions of AVIX, the AVIX Viewer Plugin shows the state of the AVIX kernel objects used. Kernel objects supported by AVIX and thus presented by the AVIX Viewer Plugin are threads, mutexes, semaphores, event groups, pipes and memory pools.

Aldec Introduces HES 2008.07 with SCI-ME 2.0 Support
Aldec Incorporated announced the release of HES[tm] (Hardware Emulation System) 2008.07. The new HES release targets innovative debugging techniques combined with an ESL verification environment. The latest release of HES provides on-chip debugging through a newly integrated logic analyzer core, giving high-visibility to monitor any internal signal for designs verified in the emulator with Accellera standard SCE-MI 2.0.

AWR Microwave Office Software Features Nuhertz Filter
AWR® announced that its Microwave Office high-frequency design suite fully exploits a breakthrough in filter design recently released from its partner Nuhertz Technologies®, whose filter synthesis and analysis software, Nuhertz Filter, can be seamlessly integrated within Microwave Office software. This breakthrough, called “delay equalization with off-axis quadruplet and real zeros” reduces from hours to seconds the computation time required.

UMC Decides to Join SEMATECH
SEMATECH and UMC (NYSE: UMC, TSE: 2303) announced UMC’s decision to join SEMATECH. The relationship will focus on research and development for exploratory technologies on 300mm wafers, including 22nm and beyond process generations.

Laird Rolls Out T-Flex 700 Series Thermally Conductive Gap Filler
Laird Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of its T-flex[tm] 700 for use as a thermal interface material (TIM). The T-flex[tm] 700 is the next generation thermal pad in the T-flex[tm] gap filler line. It improves the thermal performance of the T-flex[tm] line by increasing the thermal conductivity to 5.0 W/mK. The soft material is highly compliant, allowing for thinner interfaces and overall improved thermal performance as measured by total thermal resistance.

Mercury Computer Systems Selects AdvancedIO V1021 10GbE PMC/XMC Module
AdvancedIO® Systems announced that Mercury Computer Systems, a world renowned provider of real-time sensor computing solutions, selected AdvancedIO’s V1021 10GbE PMC/XMC module for use in its revolutionary SR-110 Gateway interconnecting 10GbE Ethernet and RapidIO®. As a network-centric building block for VXS systems, the Mercury SR-110 10GE VXS Gateway facilitates the integration of the two high-performance switched fabrics to employ the advantages of both.

Panasonic Selects Altera Cyclone III FPGAs for P2 HD Camera Recorders
Providing a low-power and quick-time-to-market solution, Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) announced that Panasonic has selected Cyclone® III FPGAs for its P2 HD Professional-Broadcast High-Definition Camera-Recorders. The P2 HD AJ-HPX2700 and the P2 HD Handheld AG-HPX170 are part of a new series of tapeless cameras developed by Panasonic to meet the growing worldwide demand for high-definition (HD) broadcast.

Quantum3D Upgrades Ford VIRtual Test Track EXperiment Driving Simulator
Quantum3D, Inc. announced that it is helping Ford Motor Company build on its virtual engineering and safety leadership. Quantum3D has upgraded Ford’s VIRtual Test Track EXperiment (VIRTTEX) Driving Simulator with the latest, most powerful computing and simulation technologies to help improve vehicle safety. Ford is testing new, active crash-avoidance technologies, the new frontier in safety, to build on its leadership in crash protection.

STMicroelectronics Adopts Altos Variety LX for Characterization
Altos Design Automation Inc. announced that STMicroelectronics’ Data Storage Division has adopted Variety LX for corner and statistical cell characterization. ST will use Variety LX to characterize a commercial cell library augmented with its custom cells for use at 40nm. The characterized views will be used for both corner based and statistical timing analysis.