Mercury PowerBlock 50 Ultra Compact Embedded System

The PowerBlock 50 system, from Mercury Computer Systems (NASDAQ: MRCY), is a high-performance, ultra-compact embedded computer designed for maximum performance in a minimal footprint, for small platforms in the 6- to 10-pound range. Optimized for real-time image, sensor, and signal processing and ruggedized for harsh environments, it is fully integrated and programmable, with state-of-the-art liquid cooling. The PowerBlock 50 extends Mercury’s robust offering of computing solutions available in very small to large form factors to suit a broad range of customer applications.

Mercury PowerBlock 50 ultra-compact embedded computerThe system’s modular architecture allows for flexible configurations of multiple processors, delivering well over 100 GFLOPS of processing power in a small, lightweight package. A fully configured PowerBlock 50 weighs less than 10 pounds, measuring approximately 4″ x 5″ x 6″ – and can be held comfortably in one hand.

The system is available now as the PowerBlock 50 EDK (Engineering Development Kit), which is a complete software development platform. The EDK includes a PowerBlock 50 system, Linux BSP development environment, and a desktop heat rejection unit (HRU) to support the PowerBlock 50′s cooling requirements. As the first in a series of small form factor platforms, the PowerBlock 50 EDK is designed for desktop use in a laboratory or software development environment, for development and optimization of runtime software deployable on PowerBlock 50 systems.

The PowerBlock 50 EDK is customizable into configurations that include PowerQUICC(tm), Virtex(tm)-4, and Intel processors, and SATA storage. Each configuration includes Gigabit Ethernet and RS-232 I/O interfaces.

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