PikeOS Board Support Package for Freescale MPC8379EMDS

SYSGO recently announced the PikeOS Board Support Package for Freescale MPC8379EMDS, a Modular Development System (MDS) board using the MPC8379e, a PowerQUICC® II Pro Communications Processor based on a high performance Power Architecture(tm) e300 core. PikeOS has been ported to the MPC8379e processor on Freescale’s MPC8379EMDS that provides high integration that simplifies board design and provides a cost effective solution for critical applications such as network attached storage.

PikeOS is an embedded systems platform where multiple virtual machines can run simultaneously in a secure environment. The secure virtualization technology allows multiple OS APIs to run concurrently on one machine. Several personalities needed in avionics are available such as POSIX with TCP/IP, Java, and ARINC/APEX, including a full ARINC 653 scheduler. Using PikeOS personalities allows a clear separation of applications in different partitions, thus meeting the needs of a multi-application system with different levels of criticality, depending on each application.

The PikeOS port for Freescale’s MPC837XEMDS board is available immediately. PikeOS also supports the three families x86, PowerPC and MIPS processors. The supported personalities are the PikeOS Native, ARINC-653, Linux, POSIX and OSEK, as well as personalities involving partners or third-parties like Java, Ada, µITRON, CoDeSys®, VxWorks® and FidelityVCF(tm).

More info: SYSGO