phyCORE-LPC3250 ARM9 Single Board Computer Subassembly

PHYTEC recently release the phyCORE-LPC3250 Single Board Computer (SBC) subassembly. The phyCORE-LPC3250 is an ARM9 based, small form factor (70×58 mm), OEMable module populated with the NXP LPC3250 microcontroller. The LPC3250 can operate in ultra-low-power mode down to 0.9V. The State-of-the-art power management, Floating Point Unit, and rich peripherals such as SD/SDIO, USB OTG, Ethernet, SDRAM, NOR and NAND Flash memory, and integrated LCD controller make this module the ideal candidate for embedded applications requiring feature-rich high performance and low power consumption. The phyCORE-LPC3250 is particularly suitable for consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive applications. The on-board MMU supports major operating systems, including Linux and Windows Embedded CE R2.

The phyCORE-LPC3250 will be available in a variety of kits that offers true rapid development solutions by providing all the necessary ingredients to jump start embedded designs. The phyCORE-LPC3250 Rapid Development Kit includes the module and Carrier Board, 3.5″ color LCD with integrated touch, pre-installed Windows Embedded CE 6.0 or Linux OS demo image, as well as electronic documentation, power supply and all cables required to enable users to successfully set-up target hardware and immediately begin application development. In addition to major operating system support, the phyCORE-LPC3250 will be available in kits featuring the Keil and IAR industry-standard C compilers and embedded development environments.

The positive out-of-box experience with the phyCORE-LPC3250 kit illustrates PHYTEC’s continuous commitment to providing customers with effective embedded solutions. The phyCORE-LPC3250 Kit offers a hands-on, industry-centric entry point for ARM-based developments and provides a key starting point for OEMs needing to have a complete solution up and running under very short development time constraints.

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