News 2008.07.23 Late Edition

Spectrum Design Solutions Merges with Digi International
Digi International® Inc. (NASDAQ: DGII) announced the acquisition of Spectrum Design Solutions Inc., a privately held Minneapolis based corporation and a leading wireless design services organization. The acquisition is a cash merger, with $4.0 million payable at the acquisition date and $3.0 million to be paid at each of the eighteenth and thirty-six months following acquisition.

Strategy Analytics Publishes Report on Mobile M2M Communications
A new Strategy Analytics Wireless Enterprise Strategies report, “A Brave New World in Mobile Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications,” predicts that regulatory compliance will help to drive the mobile M2M market to from under $16 billion in 2008 to over $57 billion by 2014. Through its research, Strategy Analytics identifies 5 key barriers to scaling the global M2M market, and analyzes the positions and evolution of key industry stakeholders, as the M2M market broadens across major application groups.

LSI, STMicroelectronics Join Working Group for DDR-PHY Interface
Denali Software, Inc., as one of the DDR PHY Interface (DFI) specification participating members including ARM, Denali, Intel, and Samsung, announced that LSI Corporation and STMicroelectronics have joined the collaborative technical working group for the industry standard DDR-PHY Interface (DFI) specification, which simplifies the interoperability between the memory controller and PHY.