AdaCore GNATbench 2.1.0 Ada IDE

AdaCore recently released GNATbench 2.1.0 Eclipse-based development environment for Ada. GNATbench 2.1.0 includes many enhancements, including general project management and presentation capabilities, new features within the language-sensitive editor, new source navigation capabilities, new wizards, and an enhanced builder. The result is a more powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Ada that supports tighter integration with Wind River’s Workbench development suite, and automatic integration with the large pool of software development capabilities already available within the Eclipse framework.

Project Management and Presentation Features

  • Independent project hierarchies
  • The ability to clean project hierarchies
  • The ability to fully restore projects form configuration management systems

Language-Sensitive Editor Features

  • A light bulb with quick fix suggestions, next to source errors
  • Smart space key, for abbreviation expansions
  • Automatic construct closing insertion
  • Smart tab for logical indenting
  • Smart formatting
  • Smart comment wrapping
  • Special color coding for annotation comments
  • Standard parenthesis highlighting
  • Code assist for recently chosen completions

Source Navigation Features

  • Enhanced open declaration or body action
  • Next or previous subprogram entry navigation

Wizards Features

  • Create new Ada source folder or subfolder
  • Create new Ada source file with specific headers
  • Create new Ada project with advanced project settings

Builder Features

  • Automatic file save before building
  • Automatic console display for the builder
  • Scenario settings are now persistent across sessions
  • New builder fast action key settings
  • Tool chain selection from within the IDE
  • Linker messages are now integrated within the problem view window

More info: AdaCore