Jennic JN5139-EK020 IEEE802.15.4 JenNet Starter Kit

Jennic recently introduced the JN5139-EK020 IEEE802.15.4/JenNet Starter Kit. The kit enables developers with little or no wireless experience to develop products. The kit simplifies the evaluation and application development of low power wireless connectivity products using Jennic’s robust and reliable JenNet networking stack. JN5139-EK020 IEEE802.15.4/JenNet Starter Kit is priced at $219.

The starter kit provides the flexibility to develop wireless capability by using Jennic JN5139 microcontrollers and modules as wireless processors or co-processors. In the wireless co-processor configuration, the kit demonstrates nodes adding wireless connectivity to a PC or embedded processor via a serial port and Jennic’s AT-Jenie serial communications API. In the single-chip configuration, the kit demonstrates the protocol and application both running on the JN5139 32-bit wireless microcontroller. The Jenie ‘C’-based API provides communication between the application and the wireless connectivity protocol.

The kit comnsists of three nodes, pre-programmed with a range of example applications to demonstrate the capabilities of wireless sensor networks. A simple introduction explains the common wireless network topologies that are supported by the JenNet wireless network stack. The kit clearly demonstrates point-to-point connections, and a simple network utilising a coordinator, router and endpoint, as well as the self-healing properties of the JenNet stack. Wireless co-processor operation is demonstrated using a PC connection to the nodes and communication via AT-Jenie serial commands. RF performance, range and packet error rate monitoring are also included, allowing users to evaluate the radio performance of the JN5139 modules and 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 standard.

Each node includes a standard Jennic module, which integrates a JN5139 wireless microcontroller and an antenna. Operating in the licence-free ISM band at 2.4GHz, the modules have worldwide RF approval and provide a seamless route from concept-proving, and easy application development using the evaluation kits, through to prototyping and volume production using either the ICs or modules.

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