News 2008.07.15

RadiSys Launches Procelerant CEGM45 Module with Intel Core 2 Duo T9400
RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a provider of advanced embedded solutions, announced the introduction of a COM Express module that targets high-performance portable implementations in areas such as medical and machine imaging, test and measurement, and communications. The Procelerant® CEGM45 is early to market with the lower power and increased processing capability of the 2.53GHz Intel® Core[tm] 2 Duo processor T9400 and the Mobile Intel® GM45 Express chipset, on a compact 95mm x 125mm module.

Concurrent Technologies Debuts PP 512/06x CompactPCI Processor Board
Concurrent Technologies announces the release of one of the first critical embedded products based on Intel’s 45nm process technology and the latest DDR3 memory devices. The PP 512/06x single slot 6U CompactPCI processor board uses the latest high performance mobile dual core processor from the Intel embedded roadmap, the 2.53 GHz Intel® Core[tm]2 Duo processor T9400. The board is ideal for CPU intensive processing applications.

congatec Introduces conga-BM45 COM Express Module with Intel T9400
congatec AG announced that it has extended its COM Express product family with its highest performance module, the conga-BM45. The new module features the latest Intel® Core[tm] 2 Duo processor, T9400, with a core speed of 2.53 GHz, 6 MByte L2 cache and up to 8 GByte fast, power-saving DDR3 memory. The conga-BM45 utilizes the powerful Mobile Intel® GM45 Express chipset with integrated Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (Intel® GMA 4500MHD).

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Unveils VG6 Single Board Computer
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms VG6 features the MPC8640 and MPC8640D low power Power Architecture® processors launched by Freescale Semiconductor of Austin, Texas. Many demanding embedded computing applications are deployed in confined spaces where the heat generated by the computer can be hard to dissipate. As heat in the enclosure increases, maintaining reliable operation becomes increasingly challenging.

Freescale Announces Low Power, Low Cost MPC8640D Processor
Freescale Semiconductor introduces the MPC8640D – a lower cost, lower power version of the MPC8641D dual core processor. The device is available in single and dual core versions and is ideal for networking, telecom, pervasive computing, aerospace and defense applications. The MPC8640D enables customers to utilize high performance e600 Power Architecture® cores and AltiVec® 128-bit vector processing at lower price points and power requirements.

AdaCore GNAT Pro for RTX Powers Real-Time Ada Development on Windows
AdaCore announced the availability of GNAT Pro for RTX, an Ada Integrated Development Environment that enables programmers to produce real-time Ada applications on Microsoft Windows® platforms. GNAT Pro for RTX supports two different modes: a Windows executable with memory protection, and a real-time subsystem that executes in kernel mode with hard, real-time behavior. This enhanced control and scalability helps simplify development of critical applications.

Magma Rolls Out Latest Versions of Knights LogicMap, IntensityMap
Magma(r) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA), a provider of chip design software, announced next-generation versions of its Knights LogicMap and IntensityMap software that enable faster, more accurate semiconductor device failure analysis and debug for logic devices. The enhanced products offer major improvements in how net failures can be correlated to inline defect data (random defects) and failed net frequency (systematic defects).

Magma Adds Bitmap Defect Analysis to Knights YieldManager
Magma(r) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA) introduced significant enhancements to Knights YieldManager(r), a customizable yield-management software system for semiconductor fab manufacturers worldwide. The enhancements enable fab yield, defect, test and product engineers to collect, correlate, analyze and share inline metrology, test and fab data.

Magma Enhances Knights Camelot CAD Navigation
Magma(r) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA) introduced significant enhancements to Knights Camelot(tm), the industry-standard CAD navigation system, including an option making Camelot the first CAD navigation tool that enables failure analysis engineers to perform design rule checking (DRC) in the fab. Camelot’s new options tighten the link between design and manufacturing, and drastically decrease time to high-volume yield and manufacturing costs of advanced ICs.

Magma Knights Camelot CAD Navigation Links to Mentor Graphics YieldAssist
Magma(r) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA) announced it has worked with Mentor Graphics(r) to create an interface that links Mentor’s YieldAssist(tm) test failure diagnostic engine to Magma’s Knights Camelot(tm) CAD navigation for failure analysis. The interface allows the set of defective nets and locations from YieldAssist to be directly read and displayed inside of Magma’s Camelot Navigation system.

Magma, Zyvex Instruments Team on Failure Analysis for Sub-100-nm ICs
Magma(r) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA) announced a new technology OEM partnership with Zyvex Instruments to provide faster, more accurate failure analysis for sub-100-nanometer (nm) ICs. Under the terms of the agreement, Zyvex will include Magma’s Knights Camelot(tm) CAD navigation software as a standard option to its flagship nanoprobing system, the nProber(tm). Zyvex selected Camelot as its CAD navigation tool of choice because of its robust, feature-rich functionality and dominant market presence.

Actel Receives ISO/TS 16949:2002 Automotive Quality Certification
Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) announced it has received ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification. When combined with AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and Grade 2 qualification of its ProASIC(R)3 devices and the company’s Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation, the new certification ensures that customers can deploy the highest grade automotive low-power FPGA product on the market and confirms that the company’s design, development and production procedures meet the standard’s strict guidelines.

Pentek Receives ISO 9001:2000 QMS Certification
Pentek, Inc., a pioneer in embedded computing innovation, has achieved ISO 9001:2000 quality management system (QMS) certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), demonstrating Pentek’s long-standing commitment to quality-of-service standards and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001:2000 certification measures a company’s ability to meet and improve upon customer satisfaction and quality.