News 2008.07.15 Late Edition

Synopsys, Mattson Team on Advanced TCAD Process Simulation
Mattson Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTSN) and Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced a collaboration to offer calibrated process models for flash annealing equipment used on the 45-nanometer (nm) node and beyond. Through this collaboration, Synopsys’ Sentaurus Process models will be calibrated to the Mattson Millios[tm] flash-assist Rapid Thermal Process (fRTP[tm]) system.

Netronome to Present at Linley Tech Embedded Network Security Seminar
Netronome Systems, Inc. announced that Nabil Damouny is among the industry experts who will present at the Linley Tech Seminar on Embedded Network Security Design taking place July 16, 2008 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California. Linley Tech Seminars consist of technical sessions focused on a single aspect of advanced technology for designers of security-focused networking and communications products.

iSuppli Comments on Teardown Analysis of Apple iPhone 3G
The new iPhone 3G sports an evolutionary design that favors cost reduction instead of cutting-edge features, supporting Apple Inc.’s goal of expanding its market share and achieving a worldwide presence for the product, according to a physical teardown analysis conducted this weekend by iSuppli Corp. iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis Service on July 11 obtained an iPhone 3G and commenced a dissection in order to identify component suppliers, as well as to determine preliminary part and system costs.

In-Stat Publishes iPhone, gPhone Report
Recent efforts by Apple (the iPhone) and Google (Android) to reshape the wireless industry have created a groundswell of support that will ultimately help mobile operators and handset vendors, reports In-Stat. The current telco-centered approach to developing Internet mobile applications has created an ecosystem for application developers that is complex, fragmented, difficult to enter, and offers a high risk of failure, the high-tech market research firm says.

IDC Announces Study on Benchmarking Storage Options
Debates over solid state drives (SSDs) versus hard disk drives (HDDs) are numerous and, for the most part, tend to confuse the potential impact SSDs will have on real world PC performance. IDC has partnered with a third party, independent laboratory to compare and contrast six different storage devices (two traditional mobile PC hard disk drives, two solid state drives, and two hybrid hard disk drives) in a single setting, under a common set of tests, and with identical computing platforms.

MontaVista Linux CGE 5.0 Complies with CGL 4.0, LSB 3.0, IPv6
MontaVista® Software, Inc. announced that its Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) 5.0 has registered compliance with the Linux Foundation’s Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 4.0 specification, has earned Linux Standard Base (LSB) 3.0 certification, and is Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) logo certified. This achievement makes MontaVista the only Linux distribution in the world to comply with the three key requirements issued by the industry’s major standards bodies.