Concurrent RedHawk Linux 5.1 RTOS

Concurrent (NASDAQ:CCUR) recently released version 5.1 of its RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. RedHawk Linux is widely used in time-critical applications in simulation and training, data acquisition, imaging, financial services and process control. RedHawk guarantees that a user-level application can respond to an external event in less than 30 microseconds. RedHawk Linux 5.1 dramatically improves the determinism of real-time processes in non-uniform memory architecture Opteron-based systems. RedHawk ensures that all pages of a real-time process are local to a given node and that no other process’ pages are using that same node. RedHawk can automatically duplicate libraries and other modules as needed and maintain them simultaneously in multiple nodes to maximize performance.

RedHawk Linux 5.1 Features

  • Non-uniform memory architecture (NUMA) performance optimization
  • 2.6.23 Linux Kernel
  • Full compatibility with Red Hat® Enterprise 5.1
  • Support for the latest Intel® and AMD® quad-core processors and chipsets
  • User-level (UIO) device driver support
  • The latest NVIDA graphics drivers optimized for real-time performance
  • New lockless kernel trace feature for enhanced real-time debugging and performance analysis

RedHawk 5.1 supports user-level (UIO) device drivers which allow developers to implement a user-space, non-kernel driver for almost any type of hardware. RedHawk also includes the latest available NVIDIA graphics driver specially optimized for real-time performance by Concurrent. The enhanced driver allows applications to achieve maximum determinism during image rendering.

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