eInfochips DaVinici Prototyping Board

eInfochips’ DaVinici Prototyping Board (DVPB) is a low cost, small form factor, multi-peripheral rapid prototyping board for Streaming Media Applications based on TI DM6446 DaVinci Technology. DVPB features all commonly required peripheral interfaces like Video & Audio I/O, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, VLYNQ, SD, HDD, RTC, IR and GPIO and is RoHS compliant. The board is targeted for applications like Smart Surveillance Camera, Video Servers, Video Conference Systems, and other Streaming Media applications.

eInfochips DaVinici Prototyping Board (DVPB)


  • Processor: TI TMS320DM6446 SoC Based on DaVinci Technology
  • Power Supply: On-board
  • SDRAM: 128M Byte
  • Flash: 64M Byte NAND Flash
  • Video i/p: CCD/CMOS sensors
  • S/W: U-Boot loader, device drivers
  • RoHS compliant design and components
  • Features Video I/O, Audio I/O, Ethernet, USB, SD, RS232, RS485, ATA, IR, Wireless (Optional), RTC, GPIO and JTAG Interfaces

What’s Included

  • DVPB Hardware board
  • Cables and Accesories
  • S/W: Bootloader, test utiliies
  • Firmware with drivers
  • Technical reference manual
  • User guides

More info: eInfochips DaVinci Prototyping Board (DVPB)