News 2008.07.10 Late Edition

Board Approves IEEE 1394-2008 High Performance Serial Bus Standard
The 1394 Trade Association announced that the IEEE Standards Board has approved the 1394-2008 specification, which combines all IEEE-1394 specifications developed since the world’s leading audio-video multimedia standard was founded in 1994. The 1394-2008 High Performance Serial Bus Standard updates and revises all prior 1394 standards dating back to the original 1394-1995 version, and including 1394a, 1394b, 1394c, enhanced UTP, and the 1394 beta plus PHY-Link interface.

KLA-Tencor Introduces PROLITH 11 Computational Lithography Tool
KLA-Tencor (NASDAQ:KLAC) introduced the latest version of its industry-leading computational lithography tool, PROLITH[tm] 11. The new tool enables users for the first time to evaluate current double-patterning schemes and cost-effectively explore alternate solutions to lithography challenges in design, materials and process development. This new computational lithography tool also supports single-pass patterning and immersion technologies.

Rim Semiconductor Files Patent for RQAM Technology
Rim Semiconductor Company (OTCBB: RSMI) filed a non-provisional patent application on its innovative RQAM[tm] technology. Rim Semi’s Cupria[tm] transport processor is based on this RQAM technology, and is able to drive data traffic at more than 40 megabits per second (Mpbs) 5,500 feet (1.67km) on 26AWG (0.40mm) telephone wire. Existing technologies are able to drive data 15 mbps at this distance on this wire type. Telephone companies, municipalities, and businesses can use Cupria[tm] for services like IPTV, Ethernet and monitoring.

Debitel Selects Opera Mini Web Browser for Seven New Handsets
Debitel has decided to beef up its summer offerings by pre-installing the Opera Mini Web browser on seven new handsets. Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected, and no one knows this better than debitel’s 8.3 million German subscribers who now have access to a better, faster Web while on the go or in the sand.