Aeroflex Avionics Test Bench and Avionics Test Studio

The Aeroflex Avionics Test Bench and Avionics Test Studio are the first reconfigurable PXI-based test platform for avionics navigation and communications. Unlike stand-alone bench instruments, Aeroflex’s avionics test system addresses test compatibility by leveraging PXI’s common platform and flexibility. Avionics Test Bench is available in 12 weeks upon receipt of order. The system is highly modular and pricing for the basic or stand-alone versions depend upon the configuration selected.

Aeroflex Avionics Test Studio and BenchAvionics Test Bench
Avionics Test Bench is a complete turnkey test system that replaces several discrete instruments. It is the first configurable avionics test system to offer both signal generation and analysis in a single PXI chassis. Avionics Test Bench is available in two configurations. The basic configuration, ATB-3000, includes an Aeroflex touch-screen PXI chassis with built-in controller and an Aeroflex 3025C RF signal generator and synthesizer module. The standalone configuration includes Avionics Test Studio signal generator software. Optional configurations are available for ATE rack mounting or an external monitor and controller. Because it is PXI-based, customers can expand the basic system with other special-purpose cards and functionality.

Avionics Test Studio
Utilizing the Aeroflex 3000 Series PXI modules, Avionics Test Studio encompasses a suite of software-defined instruments that perform avionics signal generation from 100 kHz up to 6 GHz. Avionics Test Studio software tools generate and test traditional nav/comm signals, including the latest airborne data link protocols such as VHF data link Mode 2 and Mode 3. Also in development is a signal analysis package covering the same avionics test functions.

Avionics Test Studio can be used for product development, prototype development, certification, factory test, troubleshooting and repair, as either a bench-top instrument or within an ATE environment. All standard signals are offered, including ADF, ILS, VOR, VHF comm, Marker Beacon, Selcal, DME, LRA and VDB. Due to the flexibility of PXI, waveforms can be tailored to meet particular customer needs. All signal parameters can be controlled from the graphical user interface as software-defined instruments, or as DLL calls in an ATE system.

Today the avionics industry is plagued by No Fault Found (NFF) problems — this occurs when a unit fails on an aircraft but passes all tests in the repair shop. NFF troubleshooting difficulty is compounded by incompatible test system results, where different testers are used during production testing and service. By developing a common avionics test platform, Aeroflex brings much-needed compatibility to the entire product lifespan, including design, production testing and maintenance of avionics navigation and communications systems.

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