News 2008.07.02 Late Edition

American Portwell Launches PCS-8230 In-vehicle Infotainment System
American Portwell Technology, Inc. announces its PCS-8230, a low power, compact single-DIN in-vehicle embedded Car PC infotainment system. Utilizing the Intel Embedded Compact Extended (ECX) Form Factor single board computer (SBC), Portwell’s PCS-8230 is based on the Intel Atom Z510 series processor using the Intel System Controller Hub US15W chipset. Its fanless design, low power output and compact size make it the ideal choice for in-vehicle infotainment.

Birdstep Technology Introduces Raima Database Manager Embedded 8.1
Birdstep Technology (OSE: BIRD) announced the release of version 8.1 of its Raima Database Manager Embedded also known as RDM Embedded. This is the latest release from the Raima Database Management Family providing exciting new capabilities and functionality for embedded systems application developers.

Radiocrafts Rolls Out Compact ZigBee Network Module
Radiocrafts AS now expand their product line with a compact ZigBee Network Module (ZNM) for use in ZigBee based mesh networks. The ZNM module offers the complete ZigBee network protocol in a small module with an easy to use API interface. By using the new ZNM module, ZigBee applications can be built with minimum effort, reducing time to market.

Strategy Analytics Publishes Slotted Phone Report
Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies service predicts that shipments of phones equipped with removable memory card slots will grow at an average 13% per year over the next five years, hitting 1.04 billion phones in 2011. This report, “Removable Memory Card Forecast: Slotted Phone Penetration Exceeded 50% of All Phones in 2007,” reveals that 592 million slotted phones were shipped worldwide in 2007, representing 53% of all cellphone shipments.

Linear Technology Announces LTC6930 Precision Micropower Oscillators
Linear Technology announces the LTC6930, a family of low power precision silicon oscillators with fixed frequencies from 32.768 kHz to 8.192 MHz. Five versions are available, each with a unique master frequency and digitally controlled frequency dividers that give 8 different frequencies per device. Frequency shifting is accomplished within a single clock cycle and without glitches, providing a powerful tool for system configuration or power management through clock-speed control.