News 2008.07.01

Digi Launches Digi Connect ME 9210 Embedded Device Server
Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) introduced the Digi Connect ME 9210, a high performance embedded device server and newest addition to the popular Digi Connect ME family. The Digi Connect ME 9210 enables OEMs to easily add secure Ethernet connectivity to their products and is faster, includes more memory and has more peripheral interfaces than any other device server.

Valicore vCoreServer Security Appliance Authenticates Embedded Systems
Valicore Technologies introduced its vCoreServer Security Appliance, the industry’s first off-the-shelf solution for embedded system device authentication, secure server to device communications, and encryption key management. The Valicore vCoreServer dramatically reduces implementation times and costs associated with using cryptography for authentication and data privacy with embedded systems applications.

AXIOMTEK Rolls Out AX12280 PC/104-Plus CPU Module
AXIOMTEK has released a powerful PC/104-Plus form factor CPU module, the AX12280, which supports an onboard fanless ULV Intel® Celeron® M up to 1 GHz plus 512K L2 cache with FSB 400 MHz. Powered by the Intel® 910GMLE+ICH6-M chipset and ITE8888G PCI-to-ISA bridge, the AX12280 offers LVDS+CRT, DualView, USB DiskonModule and PC/104-Plus for both 16-bit ISA and 32-bit PCI expansion, and supports up to 1 GB of DDR2 400/533 MHz system memory.

LinuxWorld Conference Features Wind River, Developer Day
IDG World Expo has announced that Wind River, the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), will host a Developer Day on Wednesday, August 6th, at this year’s LinuxWorld Conference & Expo®. LinuxWorld® is scheduled to take place August 4-7, 2008, at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Sonics Announces Interleaved Multichannel Technology
Sonics Inc., a premier supplier of system-on-chip SMART Interconnect solutions, announced the availability of Interleaved Multichannel Technology (IMT), a breakthrough in SoC architecture that eliminates the challenges associated with transitioning to multichannel memory management for achieving high memory access performance.

AXIOMTEK Debuts PANEL1153-841 Industrial Panel PC with Intel Core 2 Duo
AXIOMTEK is pleased to release a new 15″ industrial panel PC, the PANEL1153-841, which is based on the Intel® Core[tm]2 Duo processor and Intel® Q965 chipset to deliver powerful computing and advanced graphics. The PANEL1153-841 adopts a rugged industrial-grade plastic front bezel, and is equipped with a 15″ XGA TFT LCD with a resolution of up to 1024 x 768 pixels.

Sonics Introduces SonicsSX SMART Interconnect Solution
Sonics Inc. announced the availability of the SonicsSX SMART Interconnect solution. Designed for SoCs requiring high quality, high definition, or HQHD, video support, SonicsSX accelerates video performance and eases global integration of intellectual property cores and subsystems onto a single chip. SonicsSX also contains a new Interleaved Multichannel Technology (IMT) that enables SoC architectures to seamlessly transition from single to multiple DRAM channels.

Linear Technology Rolls Out LTC3564 Synchronous Buck Regulator
Linear Technology announces the LTC3564, a high efficiency, 2.25MHz, synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 2mm x 3mm DFN or ThinSOT package. Using a constant frequency current mode architecture, the LTC3564 operates from an input voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V, making it ideal for Li-Ion battery inputs as well as 3.3V or 5V inputs for point-of-load applications.

Signametrics Unveils SMU2060, SMU2064 USB Digital Multimeters
Signametrics Corporation announces the release of the SMU2060 and SMU2064 USB DMMs (Digital Multimeters). At 8 ounces with dimensions of 5″ X 7″ X 1.3″, these instruments provide a 90% reduction in size, weight and power from bench-top DMMs. These Multimeters are powered from the USB cable. They are ideal for use with a laptop, opening up new possibilities for portable applications.

Enea Optima Tool Suite Offers Enhanced System Analysis, Profiling
Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA) announced major system-level debug and profiling enhancements for its Eclipse-based Enea Optima Tool Suite. New for version 1.5, Optima’s Event Viewer and System Profiler tools provide high-level visibility that greatly simplifies the development and debugging of complex, distributed, multi-core applications.