ZeroG Wireless Wi-Fi IC

ZeroG Wireless recently created a Wi-Fi IC that can be easily integrated into nearly any system regardless of host microcontroller (MCU) or operating system (OS). The result is a much faster time to market for embedded designers, and a broadening of the number and type of devices that can now gain connectivity to the large and rapidly growing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Key to the ZeroG design are a unique system architecture and an accompanying software suite which enable ZeroG Wi-Fi chips to be designed alongside even the most resource constrained systems, without need for expensive re-architecture or the addition of large memory resources. The chip is further enhanced by leveraging the Company’s expertise in highly integrated, low power RF designs, resulting in a Wi-Fi chip perfectly suited to the embedded markets.

ZeroG chips and software are architected to work alongside the more than 7 billion 4-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit host microcontrollers sold each year. With ZeroG Wi-Fi chips, devices can now easily connect to the Internet and Wi-Fi is no longer confined to large, fast systems. In addition, ZeroG allows embedded system designers to continue using the tools they already have, greatly reducing design complexity and speeding time to market.

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