RadiSys Procelerant Z500 Module

The Procelerant Z500 module, from RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), is a 85mm x 70mm module compatible with the Type 2 COM Express pin-out. Manufacturers of handheld and mobile equipment for industrial automation, gaming, test and measurement, and military applications now have an ultra low power module, based on the high-performance Intel Atom(tm) processor Z500 series. The Procelerant Z500 module enables equipment manufacturers to shrink devices, stretch battery life, and increase processing performance while also cutting manufacturing costs.

The Procelerant Z500 module is loaded with feature support specifically for handheld and mobile applications, such as 1GB memory down, a MicroSD socket, a slim line profile, and an extended input voltage range for battery power. In addition, the module incorporates General Software Embedded BIOS with accompanying design tools that supports fast and effective implementation of a smart battery subsystem and thermal management, further enhancing flexibility for mobile designs. The Procelerant Z500 module also adds capabilities to the highly integrated processor and chipset, such as SATA storage support and Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity. The size and price point of the Procelerant Z500 module also provides an attractive crossover point for customers looking for alternatives to legacy ETX designs.

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