News – 2008.06.23

Cypress Launches TrueTouch Touchscreen Solution
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) introduced the TrueTouch touchscreen solution based on the PSoC programmable system-on-chip architecture. The TrueTouch offering includes a single-chip touchscreen solution that can interpret up to 10 inputs from all areas of the screen simultaneously. This capability, known as multi-touch all point, enables designers to create new usage models for products such as mobile handsets, portable media players (PMPs), and GPS systems.

Jennic Unveils ZigBee PRO Stack for JN5139 Wireless Microcontroller
Jennic announces the introduction of a ZigBee PRO software stack to run on its JN5139 32-bit single chip wireless microcontroller. Both embedded single chip and co-processor configurations are supported, allowing designers of industrial automation, energy metering and home or building control applications to create highly-integrated, cost-effective products.

Microchip Debuts MCP6V0X Low-Power, Auto-Zero Operational Amplifiers
Microchip Technology Inc. announced the MCP6V01/2/3 (MCP6V0X) auto-zero operational amplifiers (op amps). The low-power op amps feature a unique self-correcting architecture that enables ultra high precision, with an input offset voltage of just 2 micro Volts (µV) maximum. They also feature high common-mode rejection, rail-to-rail input/output and low quiescent current; making them ideal for portable, battery-powered instrumentation devices.

Aldec ALINT 2008.06 Features Clock Domain Crossing Rule Sets
Aldec, Inc. announced ALINT 2008.06. The software compares Verilog source code against 195 design rules based on STARC® 2006. ALINT gives engineers instant feedback on structural, coding and consistency problems early in the design verification cycle. New enhancements to ALINT 2008.06 include the addition of 15 new STARC rules, a new GUI including an advanced violation viewer, configuration manager and dedicated Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) rule-sets.

Lattice Semiconductor Unveils 3 Wireless IP Cores, Reference Designs
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) announced the three new Intellectual Property (IP) core and reference design products targeting the wireless communications market. The products include RF/IF processing functionality, as well as upgraded support for industry-standard base station connectivity protocols. The designs are optimized to run on the LatticeECP2M[tm] FPGA family in order to provide complete, low cost wireless base station solutions.

ip.access Connects 3G Phones to Home Network with 3G Home Routing
ip.access has developed new 3G Home Routing[tm] technology that connects 3G phones into a home network via its Oyster 3G femtocell. 3G Home Routing uses the Oyster 3G to provide a real-time “bridge” between the user’s home network and any 3G handset, enabling a new generation of entertainment and communications applications for consumers, and allowing them to use their mobile phone in new and exciting ways at home.

Huayu Communications Selects Altera MAX IIZ CPLDs for P1200 Handsets
Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) announced that Shenzhen Huayu Communications Technology Company Limited has selected MAX® IIZ CPLDs for use in its new P1200 portable handsets. Chosen for their ability to quickly and securely implement new features and capabilities while consuming minimal power and board space, Altera’s MAX IIZ CPLDs manage several peripherals in the P1200 handsets.

Gleichmann Research Announces 2-FPGA-Board with Partitioning Software
Gleichmann Research offers a complete concerted development platform with innovative high quality FPGA development boards and a set of software tools to developers. The times are gone where the developer has to evaluate a different set of tools for each FPGA family, which costs time and money and still these are not perfect. Based on the ALTERA® EP2S180 in a 1508 pin package, Gleichmann Research offers a 2-FPGA-module for the Hpe®_midi systems.