MicroTouch EX II 7000 Capacitive Touch Sensor Controllers

3M Touch Systems recently introduced two new capacitive touch sensor controllers based on their MicroTouch EX II electronics platform. The new MicroTouch EX II 7000 series USB controllers, when mated with MicroTouch ClearTek II and ToughTouch II capacitive touch sensors, provide integrators with high-performance, easy-to-integrate touch electronics, as well as featuring enhanced levels of CRFI (Conducted Radio Frequency Immunity), “Wake-on-Touch” functionality, and increased MTBF specifications to greater than 700k hours.

EX II 7000 series USB controllers now offer enhanced CRFI levels to help reduce the chance that other system electronics or communication/power lines will impact the touch system’s performance, and can help product developers shorten their design cycles and create more robust products.

In addition, the controllers now support the “USB suspend mode” which enables “wake-on-touch” functionality. When a system in suspend mode is activated by a touch, wake-on-touch restores the entire system to full power mode and operation. This enhanced function allows developers to power manage their systems to help customers reduce energy consumption, as well as extend the life of critical system components, such as the LCD’s backlights.


  • The EX II 7730HC USB controller features fully-compliant USB HID electronics and firmware, which allow the touch system to be used without installing a touch driver. For customers or applications that do not require the sophisticated touch mode selections and multi-monitor features of the MicroTouch MT7 software package, this HID solution is ideal for easy system integration and maintenance.
  • The EX II 7760UC USB controller provides integrators already using MicroTouch EX II electronics with these new robust features and is backward compatible to support existing product lines and programs.

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