PI E-712 Modular Digital Piezo Stage Controller System

Piezo system specialist PI’s new E-712 digital piezo stage controller was designed for the most demanding accuracy and dynamic-performance requirements of multi-axis piezo nanopositioning systems. Its highly modular design allows flexible configuration, easy upgradeability and adaptation to changing requirements in any scanning or positioning application.

E-712 Piezo Stage Controller Features

  • Digital Controller of the Latest Generation: up to 50 kHz Sensor Update Rate; Highly Stable 20-bit D/A Converters, 600 MHz Processor
  • Ethernet Interface for Remote Control Through the Internet
  • Real-Time Operating System for Better Multi-Axis Trajectory Control
  • Digital Linearization Algorithms Based on Higher-Order Polynomials Improve the Positioning Accuracy to 99.999% of the Travel Range
  • Dynamic Digital Linearization Eliminates Tracking Errors in highly Dynamic Scanning Applications
  • Interchangeability of Controller and Mechanics w/o Recalibration
  • Flexible Interfacing: USB, Ethernet, RS-232, High-Bandwidth Analog
  • Integrated Power Amplifiers, Optional External High-Power Amplifiers

E-712 digital piezo stage controller with P-733 vacuum piezo stage and a P-731 custom 6-axis piezo stage
Due to its high-performance processor and real time operating system the controller can precisely control the trajectory of up to 6 axes even during high-velocity motion on a millisecond time scale. Proprietary linearization algorithms deal with the nonlinear nature of PZT actuator material and reduce motion errors to 0.001% of the travel range. The high position sensor sampling rate of 50 kHz, provides plenty of margin even for ultra-fast piezo stages with sub-millisecond response times. 20 Bit DA-converters and ultra-low noise voltage amplifiers round out this cutting edge system.

With USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and optional high-bandwidth analog interfaces the controller can adapt to any environment. Ethernet allows remote control and complete system setup, configuration and parameter readout through the Internet, a decisive advantage for OEMs. All parameters can be checked and reset via software. User-interface software, LabView drivers and DLLs are provides and PI’s general command set (GCS) lets users swap the controller for any other PI unit in the future without rewriting their code.

More info: E-712 – Modular Digital Piezo Stage Controller System, 3 & 6 Axis