ADLINK Express-MLC COM Express

The Express-MLC, from ADLINK Technology, is the newest member of the Computer on Module (COM) Express family. The Express-MLC, measuring 95×95 millimeters, is a COM Express type 2 compatible design based on the Intel Atom processor Z500 series with the new Intel System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W. ADLINK’s COM Express modules are highly integrated off-the-shelf building blocks based on PCI Express bus architecture that plugs into custom-made, application-specific carrier boards. Production is planned for July 2008.

Express-MLC allows for innovative designs in the area of mobile and “light” computing needs, including: portable and mobile equipment for the automotive and test and measurement industries; visual communication in the medical field, such as home care and video conferencing; entry level public gaming devices; and public points of communications. Using the Intel Atom processor and Intel SCH US15W chipset, developers can rely on a wide variety of mainstream software applications and middleware that will run unmodified and full function on this platform and that end users are familiar with already.

Although much smaller, Intel Atom processor shares the same architecture as the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors and additionally supports Hyper-Threading Technology, a feature earlier introduced with the Intel Pentium 4 processor, allowing more than one code thread to be executed simultaneously on a single core processor. The Intel SCH US15W, the single chip chipset accompanying the Intel Atom processor, offers an integrated 3D graphics core with dual independent display support on either the integrated 24-bit LVDS or through dual SDVO extension. The true power of the US15W’s graphic core, however, resides in the built-in video hardware decoding that offers acceleration for MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV9 and VC1. The integrated hardware decoding enables the system to achieve high transfer rates under very modest CPU loading.

The Express-MLC will be available in a “basic” version that simply supports the feature set Intel Atom processor with the new Intel System Controller Hub US15W. The “basic” version supports Two PCI Express x1, LVDS, SDVO, 8x USB2.0, SDIO, Audio and LPC-bus. The same module is also available with as an “Extended” feature set and offers in addition to the “basic” features: PCI-bus, PCIe based Gbe LAN and PCIe based SATA.

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