Technosoft TMC-3D 8-Axis Motion Controller and Servo Drive

Designed to meet machine builders’ current automation needs and tasks, the new Technosoft TMC-3D combines a multi-axis motion controller and a digital servo drive in the same compact unit. Based on the MotionChip technology, TMC-3D controls (via CAN-bus) up to 8 Technosoft intelligent drives (including itself). Its embedded servo drive is suitable for DC, brushless and step motors up to 640 W (80 V, 8 A).


  • 8-axis motion controller, with integrated digital servo amplifier for one axis
  • 3D and 21/2D coordinated moves using PVT commands (position, velocity and time) sent to Technosoft drives (one of these drives can be the TMC-3D itself)
  • Drive suitable for AC brushless, DC brushless, DC brush, and 2/3-phase stepping motors
  • External reference: analog or digital (a 2nd encoder, or pulse and direction)
  • Powerful TML instruction set including: motion commands, program flow control, I/O handling, arithmetic and logic operations, remote control from another drive
  • Axes synchronization among all drives
  • Output current: 8 A continuous; 16.5 A peak
  • Supply voltage: 12 to 48 V for logic; 12 to 80 V for motor
  • Compact covered-frame design (136 x 84.5 x 26) mm
  • DSP controller based on Technosoft’s MotionChip technology
  • 12-bit PWM at 20 KHz
  • Communication: CAN-bus up to 1 Mbit/s and RS-232 serial up to 115 k baud rate

Technosoft TMC-3D 8-Axis Motion Controller and Servo Drive3-D and 21/2-D coordinated motion paths are executed through TMC-3D and other two Technosoft drives, using PVT commands. The controller generates the 3-D and 21/2-D trajectories and sends the reference to the slaves as PVT (position, velocity, time) points. TMC-3D can be one of these drives that perform local 3rd order interpolation between PVT points. This unique combination offers a cost-effective solution for precise multi-axis applications, where 3-D paths can be executed accurately using TMC-3D and other two drives connected via CAN-bus.

The motion programming can be done using PC or PLC motion libraries, or directly at controller level with the EasyMotion Studio software. Complex motion applications can be programmed on TMC-3D using the TML language. EasyMotion Studio automatically generates all the TML instructions, so users don’t need to learn or write any TML code. Powerful TML instructions as: motion commands, program flow control, I/O handling, arithmetic and logic operations are executed / controlled by TMC-3D. Its role is primarily a managerial one, with responsibilities that include network or slave management. It can perform predefined actions as: stopping the motion on all slaves in case of a node failure, or commanding different homing procedures and other motion profiles on each slave.

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