Adeneo Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for NXP LH7A404 ARM9

Adeneo recently released the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for NXP Semiconductors LH7A404 ARM9 processor-based microcontroller. The BSP targets the LH7A404 development kit, a standard development platform from LogicPD. It supports all key features of the LH7A404, including display touchscreen, audio and USB drivers. Fully-featured to cover all customer applications – The BSPs includes the drivers for most of the peripherals integrated in LH7A404 chip, including USB, Display, Audio, Touchscreen. This allows for targeting of all types of custom solutions.

A binary evaluation version is available for free, for testing and demonstration purpose. For OEMs willing to perform in depth evaluation and qualification of Adeneo BSP, a free 20 day evaluation of the source code is available under NDA. Adeneo also provides for commercial design the complete source code through an attractive one-time license, without royalties. Free binary evaluation version of the BSP, and the NDA for 20 days access to source code, can be retrieved on Adeneo website.

Because of its compliance with Microsoft PQOAL (Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer) and PQD (Production Quality Device) specifications, Adeneo BSPs are a cost-effective way to develop custom solutions on NXP Chips under Windows Embedded CE with the minimal redesign. Only the portions of the BSPs handling board features need to be reviewed and redesigned and all code linked to the core CPU can be reused without modifications.

The LH7A404 ARM based microcontroller features high-resolution integrated LCD controllers and provides System-on-Chip capability for customers in consumer, entertainment, industrial, medical and automotive industries.

More info: Adeneo | NXP Semiconductors