Microchip MPLAB Starter Kit for dsPIC DSCs

Microchip Technology Inc. recently announced the MPLAB® Starter Kit for dsPIC® DSCs. The kit comes with complete development software and hardware for only $59.98, including the USB-powered Digital Signal Controller (DSC) board with integrated debugger and programmer, the MPLAB IDE and MPLAB C30 C complier software, and sample programs and hardware for demonstrating speech and audio applications.

Design engineers, students and teachers are always looking for ways to quickly and inexpensively evaluate semiconductor architectures and high-speed applications, such as DSCs and digital audio. This Starter Kit’s high-performance integrated debugger/programmer makes entering the world of digital audio singularly simple. Packaged with Microchip’s world-class tools—the MPLAB IDE, MPLAB C30 Student Edition C compiler, and hardware debugging and programming solutions—this new kit contains everything needed for dsPIC DSC code development at the lowest possible cost.

Microchip MPLAB Starter Kit for dsPIC Digital Signal ControllersThe board is populated with a 40 MIPS dsPIC33FJ256GP506 DSC, which has 256 KB of Flash program memory and 16 KB of RAM, a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and peripherals that support audio pulse-width modulation (PWM). In addition, the board has 4 Megabits of serial Flash memory to store audio messages and a 16-/24-/32-bit audio CODEC with sampling frequencies up to 48 kHz. The demo board also includes a 100 mW headphone amp, and microphone and line level inputs, along with a sample program for recording custom audio content. All of these features demonstrate the power and potential of dsPIC DSCs, while showing how easy it can be to add high-fidelity audio to embedded designs.

More info: Microchip Development Tools