Altair ALT2150 Mobile WiMAX Processor

Altair Semiconductor (Altair) recently released the ALT2150 mobile WiMAX baseband processor to leading handheld device and module manufacturers. The ALT2150 is the world’s smallest and most power-efficient mobile WiMAX processor. It implements full WiMAX Forum(tm) Wave-2 physical (PHY) Layer and Media Access Control (MAC) functionality, and offers substantial performance enhancements beyond this profile. The ALT2150 is the first in a family of chipsets from Altair designed to achieve excellent modem performance, while consuming a fraction of the power of any mobile WiMAX chipset available today.

Altair’s ALT2150 Features

  • Full compliance with mobile WiMAX Wave-2 features
  • Patent pending ELP(tm) – Extreme Low Power technology
  • Power consumption figures of a complete Mobile WiMAX Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) solution, which includes an ALT2150, RF Transceiver, Power Amplifier and Power Management:
    • 10Mbps FTP download: – 142mW
    • 1Mbps FTP upload: – 125mW
    • Streaming H.264 video: – 81mW
    • VoIP call: – 98mW
    • Standby current: – <0.5mA
  • Features Altair’s proprietary Optimized OFDMA Processor (O2P) for excellent PHY performance, ultra-low power consumption and future proof algorithmic implementation
  • Industry’s highest performance MIMO decoder, supporting up to 64QAM Matrix-B decoding
  • Built-in, patent pending solution for coexistence of WiMAX with Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Smallest package in the industry, 7×7 mm low-profile Ball Grid Array

More info: Altair Semiconductor