NXP MIFARE Plus Contactless Smart Card IC

MIFARE Plus, from NXP Semiconductors, is a contactless smart card IC that offers security and performance for the cost-sensitive automated fare collection (AFC) and access control markets. MIFARE Plus features multiple levels of security, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and an easy migration path from existing MIFARE Classic implementations. MIFARE Plus will be available for pilots in Q4 2008.

Security is at the heart of MIFARE Plus, which is the only smart card IC of its class to offer strong AES encryption for authentication, integrity and confidentiality, based on a 128-bit key length. MIFARE Plus chips include a number of additional security features which, when used optimally in the infrastructure, provide for a system that prevents individuals from being identified and tracked by others. These features are enabled through the support of secure Random Identifiers (RIDs) next to 7 Byte Unique Identifiers (UIDs). MIFARE Plus also offers an originality function, which improves verification of cards and enables active measures against emulators.

The backwards compatibility of MIFARE Plus allows for a seamless introduction of cards in existing MIFARE Classic implementations. After upgrading the system infrastructure, service operators can easily switch MIFARE Plus-powered cards in the field to a higher security level without the need to revoke or re-issue the cards.

More info: NXP Semiconductors