CAST Embedded Internet Subsystem

CAST, Inc. recently announced two embedded subsystems that will make it easier to integrate Internet connectivity or a USB controller in system-on-chip (SoC) designs. The two new system IP products combine IP cores for an 8051 processor with an Ethernet MAC controller core and with a hi-speed USB 2.0 device controller core. Verified TCP/IP and USB software stacks are also included, and a development board is available for each subsystem. Similar products have been available as physical chips, but as high-level, reusable IP cores these subsystems offer greater flexibility and easier system integration. Both subsystems are available now, and are suitable for a wide variety of applications in portable devices and other products.

Both subsystems use a fast, configurable, easy-to-program CAST 8051 8-bit processor core that has been successfully used in hundreds of customer products. The Embedded USB Subsystem combines the 8051 processor with a CAST USB 2.0 full- and hi-speed device controller core and a USB software stack optimized for the subsystem’s 8-bit architecture (a USB 1.1 full-speed version is also available).

The Embedded Internet Subsystem combines the processor with a CAST 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC core and a TCP/IP stack from CMX Systems, Inc. The compact, parameterized MAC core uses a Media Independent Interface (MII) to the system, and includes hardware acceleration of the tedious Internet Protocol checksum control process for faster throughput. The CMX-Micronet(tm) TCP/IP stack is optimized for use with processors like the 8051, and successfully used in many embedded systems.

The USB core works with standard UTMI PHYs from multiple vendors, has achieved USB-IF certification, and has been successfully used in numerous customer designs. The full-featured USB software stack is scalable, configurable, and efficient, requiring as little as 14 kBytes of memory for a simple application. Designers program the subsystem through a simple standard interface (DAPI), shielding them from the intricacies of USB controller hardware. Several included sample systems further shorten a designer’s learning curve.

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