NXP SAA7231 Triple Mode PCTV Solution

NXP Semiconductors recently introduced the SAA7231, which is the world’s smallest single-chip PCTV solution that supports worldwide broadcast standards. Packaged in half the size of a minicard, the NXP SAA7231 is 40% power-efficient, saves OEMs up to 15% of total BOM (bill-of-materials) cost, and speeds up time-to-market under one month. NXP’s SAA7231 can be packaged into 10mmx10mm size with support for PCI / PCIe interfaces and is capable of consuming as little as 1.5Watts of power to ensure uninterrupted streaming of AV content with extended playback time. The SAA7231 is also supported by a device driver package for Microsoft’s BDA (Broadcast Driver Architecture) for Windows Vista and XP.

NXP SAA7231 Triple Mode PCTV Solution

NXP’s SAA7231 is ideally suited for TV cards in current and future flavors of Microsoft Media Centre Edition (MCE) PCs, with support for analog, DVB-T and DVB-S broadcasts as well as an integrated MCE-compliant IR controller for a full-function remote control. A state-of-the-art video processing engine decodes the analog AV stream for features such as PVR and time shifting, while adaptive 2D noise reduction improves picture quality. The SAA7231 also includes certified three-level Macrovision® detection circuitry to keep the video’s original analog copy protection intact, while premium TV content is protected through 128-bit AES and (T)DES encryption.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Single-chip solution for analog and digital TV decoding and capture
  • Enables hybrid PC TV tuner applications on low-profile add-in board, Express Card module or half-/mini-Express Card
  • Simultaneous decoding and capture of digital and analog TV broadcast signals
  • IR remote control functionality with PC system wake-up, compliant to Windows Vista
  • PC connectivity including sophisticated power management capabilities
  • Supported by software development kit and Microsoft Windows In Box Driver
  • DVB-T channel decoding, NORDIG 1.0.2 compliant and meeting DBook and Digitenne requirements
  • DVB-S channel decoding, supporting DiSeqC 1.2 dish control
  • IF-demodulation of analog TV signals from direct IF or low IF and worldwide video and stereo decoding
  • Color decoding with adaptive 2D comb filter separation Video improvements including 2D noise reduction
  • VBI data capture and decoding (Teletext, Close Caption, CGMS-A, etc.)
  • Analog baseband audio and video decoding and capture, including component video
  • FM radio reception and demodulation including RDS decoding

More info: NXP SAA7231 PCTV solution (pdf)