News – 2008.05.22

Laird Technologies Introduces 802.11 Wireless LAN Processor Modules
Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, announced a new range of 802.11 wireless LAN processor modules that provide a wide range of AT commands and web configuration to make the Wi-Fi transition simple for M2M (machine-to-machine) designers.

ADI Develops First Digital Isolators Qualified for Automotive Systems
Tuning its proprietary iCoupler® digital isolation technology to meet the reliability and quality needs of emerging electric-hybrid vehicles, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is introducing a family of digital isolators designed to operate in today’s electrically challenging automotive environment. Analog Devices’ new ADuM120xW, ADuM130xW and ADuM140xW digital isolators were developed for electric-hybrid vehicle systems, such as motor drives and battery management systems.

Analog Devices Debuts Four-Channel ADuM540x iCoupler Digital Isolator
Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications, is expanding its extensive family of digital isolation products with a series of four-channel devices that isolate both data and power. Each device integrates ADI’s iCoupler digital isolation technology and ADI’s proprietary isoPower[tm] dc-to-dc converter, providing both isolated power and isolated signal channels within a single package.

VirtualLogix Conforms to Open Mobile Terminal Platform Security
VirtualLogix[tm], Inc., the Real-Time Virtualization[tm] company, announced its continued commitment to the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) by submitting a Product Profile Statement in conformance with the organization’s new mobile hardware security recommendations designed to help protect against threats such as malware and fraud attacks. The OMTP is an operator-sponsored forum that gathers and drives mobile terminal requirements.

Denali Selects Bluespec Synthesis for Memory Controller IP Development
Bluespec, Inc., developers of general purpose high-level synthesis solution, announced that Denali Software, Inc., selected Bluespec’s high-level synthesis toolset as part of its next-generation technology platform for future memory controller IP development. Denali Software chose Bluespec’s toolset because of the productivity improvements it offers, its ability to support complex, highly parameterized designs, and its capability to satisfy a variety of needs.

Springer Handbook of Robotics Debuts at ICRA
Robots! Robots on Mars and in oceans, in hospitals and homes, in factories and schools, robots fighting fires, making goods and products, saving time and lives. Robots today are making a considerable impact on many aspects of modern life, from industrial manufacturing to healthcare. Reaching for the human frontier, robotics is also vigorously engaged in the growing challenges of new emerging domains.

Tibion, Stanford University Team on Bionics
Tibion Corporation, a leading developer of bionic technologies for the mobility impaired, announced that it has engaged in a collaboration with Stanford University’s Biomechanical Engineering Group to develop future applications of its bionic technology. Per the agreement, a team of Stanford graduate students will be working to extend Tibion’s technology platform to additional medical applications.