Technosoft PIM2401 Intelligent Control Plug-in Minidrive Module

The Technosoft PIM2401 is an intelligent plug-in minidrive that is designed for motion control applications where space is dramatically limited. Its miniature size (39 x 44 x 16 mm) and weight (15 g) allow it to be mounted horizontally or vertically, inside the machine or near the motor. The drive is manufactured with simple pins; this architecture reduces the time needed to assemble it. PIM2401 controls DC, brushless, linear and step motors up to 25 W (24 V, 1 A).

Technosoft PIM2401 Intelligent Control Plug-in ModuleWith its small dimensions, PIM2401 embeds a digital drive, a powerful motion controller and PLC functionalities in the same unit. One of the key advantages of PIM2401 is its ability to execute complex motions without requiring any external controller. Complex movement sequences can be programmed directly on the PIM, while system control functions are handled from the supervising PC or PLC. Motion modes as contouring, profiling, gearing, electronic camming, PVT are easily executed in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations.

PC and PLC motion libraries are available for the drive’s quick industrial integration. Starter kits will help users to evaluate it and develop specific projects. PIM2401 supports CiA standard DS-30 v4.02 CANopen. Incremental encoders, digital and linear Halls are incorporated by default.

All these benefits plug-in design, embedded intelligence and miniature size make PIM2401 a valuable motion control solution for all industrial applications where space is critical and the machines / PCBs need to be kept uncrowded.


  • Fully digital servo amplifier with embedded intelligence and PLC functionality
  • Suitable for brushless (sinusoidal or trapezoidal commutation), DC brush, and step motors
  • Compact design (60 x 44 x 16 mm)
  • Various control modes:
    • Torque, speed or position control
    • Electronic gearing, contouring, profiling
    • Step motor emulation (step & direction output)
    • Control of external variables (pressure, flow, temperature etc.)
  • Powerful TML instruction set for the definition and execution of motion sequences in:
    • Single-axis or multi-axis control (master or slave mode)
    • Standalone operation with stored motion sequences
  • RS-232 serial communication
  • CAN bus 2.0B, up to 1 Mbit/s, or CANopen bus
  • Programmable digital inputs/outputs and analog inputs
    • 5 inputs, 5 or 24 V compatible (Enable, Pulse and Direction, Limit Switches)
    • 2 outputs (open-collector), 5 or 24 V compatible (Ready, GPO)
    • Differential quadrature encoder and digital Hall interface
    • Linear Hall sensors interface
    • 2 analog inputs, 0/+5 V range (+/- 10 V optional)
  • Separate power supplies for logic and motor (6-24 V)
  • High current capability (1 A continuous, 3.6 A peak current)
  • Protection against over-current, short circuit, earth fault, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, I2t, control error
  • (2 x 16) 2.54-mm screw terminal connectors

More info: Technosoft PIM2401 Intelligent Control Plug-in Module