Quantum3D FAA DO-178B Level-A IG178 Software Graphics Processing Unit

The IGL178, from Quantum3D Inc., is the industry’s first, entirely software based, FAA DO-178B Level-A certifiable OpenGL® Safety Critical (SC) and OpenGL Embedded Systems (ES) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). IGL178 enables avionics and other safety-critical visual computing application developers to deploy industry standard realtime OpenGL ES and SC applications on virtually any embedded system or display device, including systems not equipped with hardware-accelerated GPUs. IGL178 also enables GPU-equipped systems for which safety-critical certifiable drivers are not available to host certified applications by eliminating un-trusted driver code.

With its ability to support high-fidelity, high-performance realtime 2D and 3D graphics and video applications on a wide range of systems and operating environments, IGL178 is well suited for development and deployment of new classes of low-cost, obsolescence-proof avionics, weapon systems and other advanced-display applications, including Primary and Multi-Function Displays (PFDs and MFDs), Heads-Up Displays (HUDS), Standby Instruments and Soft Controllers. IGL178 also features unique capabilities that make it ideal for new applications, including scaleable Avionics Application Standard Software Interface (ARINC 653)-partitioned safety-critical and multilevel-secure workstation applications.

IGL178 is an efficient, small-footprint, comprehensive software implementation of OpenGL ES and SC that features extensive optimizations to provide high-performance, highfidelity, precision software-based rendering. A key benefit of IGL178 is that it offers application developers a scalable solution for embedded graphics that supports both CPUaccelerated and GPU-accelerated graphics subsystems with a single industry-standard API so that applications may be readily deployed across multiple platform types with minimal time and development expense.

IGL178 Features

  • Full OpenGL ES and SC functionality enabling applications to run in a processor-only mode while retaining upward compatibility with hardware accelerated GPUs
  • Support for an optional virtualized driver that enables a standard PrPMC processor, second CPU or CPU core to function as a dedicated GPU in an embedded system
  • Efficient high-performance implementation, supporting both floating- and fixed-point math with extensive CPU specific optimizations
  • Complete, tailorable source code usable in any operating system and processor type
  • Small implementation certifiable to safety standards, including FAA DO-178B Level-A, with an available FAA DO-178B Level-A Certification Kit
  • Support for Quantum3D TrueStrokeTM precision anti-aliased lines, points and fonts
  • Configurable support for 16, 24 and 32-bit frame buffer modes, with single, double or triple buffered rendering, Zbuffering, with alpha and with or without alpha-out
  • Support for Off-Screen Rendering using a user-supplied frame buffer to accomplish video blending, static symbology backgrounds and other special-purpose features

Quantum3D sells IGL178 as a binary software development tool, combined with a Target Reference Platform, for a wide variety of processors and operating environments including PowerPC® (Freescale, Motorola and IBM), Intel® IA32/IA64 and ARM® 11 CPUs combined with popular standard and safety-critical operating systems and Realtime Operating Systems (RTOSs) including Linux, Microsoft® Windows®XP and CE, Sysgo® PikeOS®, Wind River® VxWorks® and VxWorks AE653, Green Hills® Integrity® and Integrity-178B, LynuxWorks® LynxOS® and LynxOS-178 systems. International single-seat pricing for IGL178 Development Binary Licenses is priced at $60,000 USD, and international, single-unit Target Reference Systems start at approximately $7,500 USD. Both software and reference systems are available with standard lead times. IGL178 is also sold as a component of FidelityVCF, and IGL178 source code and porting services for customer-specific platforms are also available from Quantum3D. For applications that require FAA DO-178B or similar safety-critical certification, Quantum3D offers the IGL178 Level-A Certification Kit and support services to assist customers with their certification efforts.

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