News – 2008.05.18

IXYS Makes Proposal to Acquire ZiLOG for $4.50 Per Share
IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a Silicon Valley power semiconductor company, announced that it has made a proposal to the ZiLOG, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZILG) Board of Directors to acquire all the outstanding shares of ZiLOG common stock for per share consideration of $4.50, to be paid in cash and stock. Below is the text of the letter that IXYS sent to ZiLOG’s Board of Directors:

California Micro Display Controller Architecture Supports MDDI, MIPI
California Micro Devices (NASDAQ: CAMD) announced that the company has developed an innovative display controller architecture that serves both the Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI) and Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) standards for high speed serial display interfaces for use in today’s most advanced mobile handsets. The unique architecture will permit advanced handsets that utilize CPUs and application processors with on-chip MDDI compatible hosts to interface with liquid crystal display (LCD) modules that feature either MDDI or MIPI based clients.

Sensory Unveils BlueGenie Lite Speech Output Solution for Bluetooth
Sensory, Inc., the leader in speech technologies for consumer products, announced the availability of BlueGenie Lite[tm], a speech output solution for Bluetooth devices running on the industry’s most popular chipsets, CSR’s BlueCore 3 and BlueCore 5. Following the release of the complete BlueGenie Voice Interface last fall, this cost-effective solution tailors the software capabilities to focus on voice output only, enabling voice menu’s and prompts to improve usability and reduce user confusion for a wider range of Bluetooth headsets and hands-free car kits.

Berkeley Analog FastSPICE Qualifies for TSMC 40/65 Nanometer SPICE
Berkeley Design Automation Inc., provider of Precision Circuit Analysis[tm] technology for advanced analog and RF integrated circuits (ICs), announced that its Analog FastSPICE[tm] circuit simulator is qualified through TSMC’s 40/65-Nanometer SPICE Tool Qualification Program. The program improves simulation accuracy, shortens transistor-level simulation cycle time, and increases simulation capacity for high performance digital circuits and mixed-signal RF designs.

Avago Makes RF Packaging Breakthrough with WaferCap Chip Scale Technology
Avago Technologies announced a breakthrough in packaging technology that brings wireless chip micro-miniaturization and high frequency performance to new levels. The company is a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. Avago’s innovative WaferCap is the industry’s first semiconductor-based chip scale packaging (CSP) technology. With potential to reach the 100 GHz frequency range for a SMT packaging, WaferCap CSP has the same dimensions as an 0402 component and can reduce the amount of PCB space an RF device occupies by over 50%.