News – 2008.05.09

OMG Unveils Details of Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems Workshop
The Object Management Group (OMG), announced the program for the Ninth Annual Distributed Object Computing for Real-time and Embedded Systems Workshop, which will be held July 14-16 in Arlington, VA. Stringent performance requirements are a feature of a broad range of computer applications, from enterprise-scale systems handling bookings and online financial transactions to compact systems embedded in software radios, cell phones, medical equipment and vehicles of all kinds.

TRS-STAR Rolls Out TRS CXC-MPC8544 Computer on Module
TRS-STAR announced the TRS CXC-MPC8544 computer-on-module (COM), which is based on Freescale Semiconductor’s energy-saving Power Architecture[tm]. The TRS CXC-MPC8544 features high communication performance and a wide range of modern interfaces. Key advantages are the two internal 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet channels, by means of which fast LAN connections can be immediately established.

CWAV Announces USBee PacketPresenter Graphical Protocol Decoder
CWAV Inc., a Southern California-based electronics company, announced significant enhancements for its USBee DX Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscope by adding the PacketPresenter[tm] Protocol Decoder to its suite of electronics debugging tools. The PacketPresenter decodes and displays bus traffic that is captured by the USBee DX Logic Analyzer in a graphical, easy to understand packet format.

Advansus to Demonstrate at ESEC 2008
Advansus, a leading provider of industrial computer design and manufacturing services (DMS), is delighted to demonstrate a variety of industry applications with renowned system partners at ESEC 2008, to be held in Tokyo from May 14-16. Signage customers are sure to be impressed with the HD portrait display combining Cayin’s Linux signage application and the Advansus 852GME barebones computer.

ICS Triplex Ships Turbine and Compression Control System to CNR
ICS Triplex has delivered its first UK built Turbine and Compression Control System to CNR International (UK) Limited (CNRI). The Trusted(tm) T6300 system, built at the headquarters of ICS Triplex in Maldon, was completed in March 2008 and will be installed onto CNRI’s Murchison platform in the North Sea during 2009. Once installed, it will monitor and control a gas-lift process which has been introduced to help increase oil production in the Murchison field. Publishes Printed and Organic Electronics Forecasts Publications, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of a new report entitled “Printed & Organic Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2008-2028.” The latest market research report reveals the spending on printed and thin film electronics devices goes beyond conventional silicon, reaching up to $1.58 Billion this year. The majority of this is for OLED display panels ($0.69 Billion).

SemiSouth to Present Normally-off SiC JFET Paper at IMAPS HiTEC 2008
SemiSouth Laboratories Inc., a silicon carbide (SiC) based semiconductor company, will discuss the attributes of their Normally-off SiC JFET operating under high temperature conditions. SiC-based semiconductors can operate in hostile environments where their silicon-based counterparts cannot. Silicon carbide’s ability to function in high temperature will enable large performance enhancements to a wide variety of systems and applications.