Kontron CP6014 CompactPCI Processor Board

The Kontron CP6014 is a 6U CompactPCI processor board with two 45 nanometer quad-core Intel Xeon L5408 processors, Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) chipset, and Intel I/O Controller Hub 9R. The Kontron CP6014 CompactPCI processor board targets storage, wireless infrastructure, security, voice, and the medical market segments. Taken in conjunction with the advantages of Virtualization software, the Kontron CP6014 can now address new data-intensive applications such as video recognition and medical imaging.

Kontron CP6014 6U CompactPCI Processor BoardThe quad-core Intel Xeon processor L5408 interfaces to the baseboard via the 771 land socket and is based on 45nm technology, which reduces power consumption, increases switching speed, and significantly increases transistor density over the previous 65nm technology. The L5408 has a power envelope of 40W and supports a core frequency of 2.13GHz, a Front Side Bus of 1066MHz, and an on-die L2 cache of 12 MB (2×6 MB).

The Kontron CP6014 is an 8HP dual-slot solution designed with a multitude of onboard IO functionality. To eliminate the bottleneck of a parallel bus structure, the Kontron CP6014 supports a local PCI-X 64-bit / 133MHz on PMC-slot or a PCIExpress X4 on the XMC. For faster memory performance, Kontron’s 6U CompactPCI board supports up to 32GB DDR2 memory (4 DIMMs sockets) at 533/667MHz and Intel I/O Acceleration Technology (Intel I/OAT) DMA for fast data transfer. There is additionally a VGA interface and a VGA controller on a PCI-E bus ATI M72 that supports CRT.

The Kontron CP6014 takes full advantage of the Intel 5100 MCH chipset, which contains two main components: the Memory Controller Hub (MCH) for the host bridge and the Intel 82801IR I/O Controller (ICH9R) for the I/O subsystem. The CP6014 uses onboard Flash, provides six SATA/SAS ports onboard (mezzanine and rear I/O), two COMs RS232 (one front and one rear I/O), three USB 2.0 ports (one front and two rear I/O), dual 1MB BIOS Flash (FWH), and support for IPMI V1.5 implementation.

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